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Nick Burch

Dec 5, 2011, 10:56:51 PM12/5/11
Hi All

Hope everyone's looking forward to the BarCamp on Saturday? I had a look
round the venue this morning and it's a lovely space, so we're all set for
a great BarCamp!

You'll all be pleased to know that we've now finalised the plan for Friday
night. We'll be going for drinks with the Silicon Beach crowd (so you
don't need to decide between us and them!), at Bar 77 from 6pm. Around
8.30pm, when things start to wind down, we'll head out for food somewhere
nearby. The exact plan will be decided based on who's interested, in
proper BarCamp style! Details on the drinks are on the Silicon Beach page:

(There was quite a bit of overlap last year, with Silicon Beach people
coming along to the BarCamp, so we think it's a good fit!)

As a reminder, if you've not yet signed up, you can either edit the wiki
to list yourself ( wiki account needed, but you can sign up),
or drop one of the organisers an email and we'll do it for you. Full
details on the event are on the wiki:

See you all either Friday or Saturday!


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