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David Crossley

Nov 24, 2010, 8:50:16 PM11/24/10
to BarCamp Apache Sydney
Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Could we please organise to sign each other's PGP key.

To prepare, all that we each need to do is to print scraps
of paper with our own Key ID and Fingerprint to give to
each other.

After the event, we do the actual signing back at our offices.

I have recently created a new stronger 4096 key by following:

Some useful notes about key signing are at:
... but really all that we each need on the day is
to be able to exchange Fingerprints.


Brett Porter

Nov 24, 2010, 8:56:42 PM11/24/10
Thanks David - I was going to suggest that as well. As long as folks come prepared with some ID and their fingerprint, we can put it up as one of the sessions during the day for those that are interested.

Adrian Apps

Dec 9, 2010, 8:26:21 PM12/9/10
to BarCamp Apache Sydney
Hi guys,

Something I've done in the past is convert my id/fingerprint into a QR
code (making it easier for people to enter back at the office etc. A
quick search online I found this link to do it online:

Just choose text (supports 1872 alphanumeric chars) as the contents
type and then copy in your id/fingerprint. Generates a image for you
to save and distribute.

Not sure if that interest anyone, but just thought I'd share my 2c :)

I also just created my 4096 key for the day.

-- Adrian
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