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clive walford

Jan 2, 2021, 10:37:19 AMJan 2
to bapamail

Are you a member of the 38 degrees “supporters group”? Did you fill in the questionnaire on how they, 38 degrees should plan their future? You would have had a, “Thank you for sharing your views with us!”

“Dear xxxxx,

Thank you so much for sharing your views, in the next few weeks the staff team will sit down and read what you and tens of thousands of others think we should focus on, and start making a plan for 2021. - - - - ( including a request for a donation if you can afford it), response.

If you did, why not reply?

I did, emphasising on the frozen pension in my case, the failure of the gov’t and its band of con party “advisors, think tanks, lobbyists  and elitist(?) hangers on to the detrement of the people of the UK. The new dictatorship of Tory government. (more in the poverty bracket, more food banks, more hungry children, expats ignored and pushed to the “disregard” bin. The poor and low paid brushed aside.

If we can muster up thousands of responses, perhaps we can be heard by a wider audience and make an impact on our future.

(In my case I apologised for not being able to donate as on a frozen pension for 14 years I have a need to keep paying for my health problems medication.

All groups can have ago . from our small PPiI group to the big guys in WASPI.

If you’re in any other group, even only slightly related to pensions, or welfare issues, SP age issues, government mismanagement etc. Join the club and get emailing. If you are in other groups pass this on and ask for support.

How about a new theme song? John Lennon’s “Imagine” seems applicable. https://youtu.be/VOgFZfRVaww

turn up the sound and see what you think.

Paul Swain

Jan 2, 2021, 10:52:07 AMJan 2
to bapa...@googlegroups.com

Hi Everyone!

If you want to join 38 Degrees their web site is https://home.38degrees.org.uk/  It looks like you have to sign a petition to get on their mailing list.

Also, if you missed out the questionnaire that Clive got, then from the 38 Degrees FAQs https://home.38degrees.org.uk/faqs/faqs/#SectionCampaigns they say if you want to suggest a campaign:

The best way to suggest a campaign and see what other 38 Degrees members think of the idea is via the 38 Degrees Facebook page. This is actively used by members all the time. Alternatively, why not tweet your idea to @38_degrees?

We’ve also built a set of tools that help members set up and run their own campaigns. It’s called Campaigns by You, and it’s there to give 38 Degrees members and partner organisations the opportunity to campaign on all the hundreds of really important issues, both local and national, that we all care about – far more than the small office team could ever support. If you feel passionately about something, why not start a campaign?

so it's not too late to show your support for Clive's frozen pension suggestion.


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