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Terry Stretton

Mar 14, 2021, 4:14:06 AMMar 14
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Hi Paul

I have deleted the Phone number



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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2021 16:30:11 +1100
From: Terry Stretton <terryand...@bigpond.com>
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Hi Stephen

The continuing situation with "Frozen UK Pension"

Canada is in a similar situation to Australia, but would appear the Canadian Govt. have done something to assist their affected Pensioners

Maybe you can push Mr Morrison & Co to do something for the ones living in Australia

Below is response from Canadian Govt on the issue

Your response would be appreciated

Kind Regards

Terry Stretton


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As a result of the email below from Mike Skully, I thought I should update BAPA members with one of the latest developments in Canada.


The Canadian Alliance of British Pensioners is also fighting the UK government to overcome the unfair “freezing of UK pensions” to Canadian residents.


CABP has managed to get the Canadian government to treat the matter seriously  and there has been a government motion to address the the situation with UK Government.


The following resolution has just been passed unanimously in the Canadian Parliament:

That the House recognizes that there are approximately 136,000 recipients of UK state pensions in Canada;

That it recognizes the UK government does not provide annual indexed increases to UK pensioners residing in Canada, effectively freezing their pensions at the levels they were at when they first claimed their pensions in Canada;

That it recognizes Canada provides annual indexed increases to Canadian pensioners who live in the UK;

That it recognizes UK pensioners living in the USA, Germany, Italy, Barbados, Bermuda, Israel, Jamaica and other countries receive annual indexed increases;

That it recognizes frozen pensions represent a combined loss of over $500 million per year to the Canadian economy and to Canadian taxpayers, due to three factors: frozen pensions force thousands of UK pensioners in Canada to rely on Canada’s social assistance programs such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement, the significant loss of CRA tax revenues due to the lower income of 136,000 pensioners, and the loss of sales tax revenues due to the loss of discretionary income;

That it recognizes frozen UK pensions represent an injustice to both UK pensioners in Canada and to Canadian taxpayers;

That it recognizes the UK government is currently negotiating new pension indexing agreements with EU countries due to Brexit, and that now is the appropriate time for the UK government to negotiate a pension indexing agreement with Canada;

And That the House believes the government should press the UK government to open negotiations with Canada to remedy this situation as soon as possible and provide annual indexed pension increases to UK pensioners residing in Canada.


Here’s the link to the video https://youtu.be/E8x-zu-jcMY


All BAPA members who have had communications with there Federal MPs on the Frozen pension subject could help the cause in Australia by forwarding the above details to there MP and ask –

  • If the Canadian Government can do this why can’t the Australian Government do something similar?



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