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clive walford

Nov 18, 2021, 1:53:59 AM (10 days ago) Nov 18
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            The Elections Bill 2021-22 was introduced on 5 July 2021 is progressing through the system; the second stage was on 7th. September. It is expected the measures on overseas voters, if passed, will be activated in 2023.

One thing that could throw a spanner in the works is the inclusion of the requirement that voters must show photo ID before getting a ballot paper. It proposes a broad range of photo ID will be allowed, including a free voter card available to those without any other form of ID.

            Another problem could be the gov’t would be given the power to set the Electoral Commission’s strategic priorities. It would also give the Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission the power to assess compliance by the Commission. (Sounds like “King Boris” wants even more power. Oh boy! Next we will see him sitting on his throne on the beach ordering the tide to reverse!)

             The Commons Library Briefing paper refers to some Changes and legislation amendments in the “Campaign finance and political parties” area which again does leave little “back doors” for MPs. and parties to work the odd fiddle or two. 

            The con party called for urgent clarification of notional expenditure in the legislation. “Scope for cross party agreements”. Only time they do get together to rob the pensioners. We,(PPiI), have been asking for quite some time, “what has happened to democracy in the UK?”.

In our posts we quote MPS job. Basically it was county, constituents and then party.  Not anymore! It’s now constituents and party, then country.

             Other changes that might help overseas voters is if Embassies could be used plus other ideas. (Cant find that bit!). the full document is long!!! Needs a good clean up and simplifying.


Nov 18, 2021, 2:24:37 AM (10 days ago) Nov 18
Just a thought, we have a proxy vote in UK because we found the time it took to get a postal vote out here meant we couldn’t get it back to UK in time. 



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