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clive walford

Aug 15, 2021, 2:51:22 AM8/15/21

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Subject: Australian Trade Bill

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These things are banned here - so why is the government giving them a green light to be imported? Dear clive,

Did you see the news? A UK trade deal with Australia could have terrible consequences for our food standards, British farmers' livelihoods and the environment. Under plans announced today, cheap hormone injected beef and fruit and veg treated with harmful bee-killing chemicals could be imported to the UK. [1]

This is just the initial agreement of what a UK-Australia deal could look like. And there is already a growing backlash from MPs who want to be able to scrutinise the deal in parliament before it's finalised. [2] What’s missing is the voice of the public!

Trade deals are long and complex. The government will be counting on us not caring about the details. That’s why it is so powerful when we come together to show the government that the public won’t accept a dodgy deal which could harm our environment and farming industry. Together, we can help ensure that a UK-Australia trade deal is in the best interest of livelihoods, people and our planet.

So, will you help prevent the government from agreeing a trade deal that would let lower quality products into the UK, by signing the open letter today? Use the button below to add your name with one click. You can read the full text of the open letter underneath the button:

Here's what the Open Letter says:

To: Boris Johnson & Liz Truss

We, the British public, don't want a trade deal with Australia that lowers our food standards, ruins British farmer’s livelihoods or harms the environment. We are therefore calling on you to make sure our MPs, as our representatives in parliament, have a final say over any trade deal with Australia.

In particular we oppose any trade deal that would lead to:
  • The driving down of food standards by allowing the import of cheap meat treated with hormones and antibiotics
  • Undercutting British farmers with cheaper farming practises including inhumane farms
  • Allowing the import of food treated with bee-killing pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • Consumers in the UK contributing to deforestation, loss of biodiversity and cruel animal welfare practices in Australia
Please make sure that any trade deal with Australia has real public scrutiny.

f you agree our standards shouldn't be lowered through trade deals, add your name to the open letter now and make sure any deal with Australia has real public scrutiny. Your name will automatically be added to the petition:

Thanks for all that you do,

Isabel, David, Megan, Sarah, Jana and the 38 Degrees Team.

[1] The Independent: UK-Australia trade deal: Why environmentalists are worried about bee-killing pesticides and carbon emissions 
The Guardian: Fears UK-Australia trade deal could cause surge in tariff-free meat imports 
[2] Financial Times (PAYWALL): MPs demand power to scrutinise UK’s post-Brexit trade deals 
YahooNews: Businesses and MPs fear being blindsided by UK-Australia trade deal 

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Aug 15, 2021, 3:11:42 AM8/15/21
to bapa...@googlegroups.com
I’d like to see a balanced argument, not just the opinions of 1 side. 

Thank you


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Chris Hill

Aug 15, 2021, 3:41:29 AM8/15/21
to bapa...@googlegroups.com
No mention of frozen pensions and voting rights? IE Social Service reciprocity?

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