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Paul Swain

May 19, 2022, 4:45:37 AM5/19/22

Hi Everyone!

I got a pretty final reply to my Freedom of Information request to the Prime Minister on Tuesday:

As you'll see if you go and have a look, it's a No from ScoMo.  Despite DFAT having no problem interpreting a very similar request, and ScoMo claiming

"I'm regularly up in front of you and I deal with the hard questions that are put to me and all the many issues we have had to deal with over many, many years” (see )

ScoMo reckoned that it was impossible to identify the documents that I want, and so he refused the request.  He also missed the deadline for responding to requests, and eventually took 88 days to tell me that he was refusing my request.  As we're so close to the election I don't see any point in pushing this any further at the moment.

I think that it says quite a lot that the Prime Minister won't take the time to respond to my request, especially when the best reason that he has for refusing is that he can't understand what documents I want.  I also think that it says a lot that it took so long to get a response.  I made my request on 18 February 2022, so leaving his response until just a few days before the election is pretty poor.

If you're in Australia and you have a vote there's only a couple of days to go until the election.  If you haven't voted already, please do go and vote.

Then when we know who has been able to form a Government, we can continue the fight to unfreeze our pensions!


Tony OMahony

May 20, 2022, 12:27:54 AM5/20/22
For everyone's info:

My letter to Julian Simmonds MP for Ryan (Qld) elicited no reply, so I'll await the outcome of the election in this marginal seat and write again to the new member.

I get the impression that Julian has mentally packed his bags.

Ryan will be either Green or ALP.

Tony O'Mahony

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Tony O'Mahony
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