Boris Johnson promises the End Frozen Pensions campaign a meeting with a minister

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Paul Swain

Jan 28, 2021, 2:44:38 AMJan 28
Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, in Prime Minister's questions, thanks to a question by Peter
Dowd, Boris Johnson promised that the End Frozen Pensions campaign would
get a meeting with a minister.

You can see the question and answer at or read
the Hansard transcript at

Who knows what it will lead to, but I suggest that you write to your
Australian MP and Senators and ask them to make sure that there is an
Australian government representative at the meeting to press the case
with the UK Government minister.



Jan 28, 2021, 2:59:17 AMJan 28

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David Weston

Jan 29, 2021, 12:51:51 PMJan 29

Yesterday I corresponded with Peter Dowd,  MP.  Below is that correspondence.

David Weston, Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr Dowd,


I’ve just been advised that you recently asked the prime minister a question about the scandal of the reduced UK government pensions paid to people like me. I am 80 years old and live in Canada. I don’t have an accurate calculation but I think a reasonable rough estimate would show that I currently get only half of what I would get if I lived in the UK. The reduction over the years has almost certainly cost me more than $10,000.


Thank you for your interest and support in raising this issue. 


I think it is worth raising with the government some points that may help to bring home to them how illogical their position is.


While it is purely hypothetical and illustrative, the government might consider how they would deal with the situation if I decided to return to spend my remaining days in the UK. What government subsidized housing would be available to me? What free health care, dental care or home care might I be eligible for? If, nearer the end of my days, I need full time elder care, what will be provided? If in the meantime I cannot afford to adequately feed and clothe myself, what then?


I find it hard to imagine that the incremental cost to the UK would be less than the cost of updating my pension,


Keep up the good work.


David Weston


Ontario, Canada


Dear Mr Weston,


Thanks for your email and the points you raise which are well made. Interestingly, a similar scenario happened in relation to war widows pensions. Before 1972 war widows received less pension than post 1972 war widows. This was resolved around 1986 when parity was, for all intents, restored. My grandmother received the uplift was she was 102 years old, as did my mother aged 73 years! So there is hope yet! 


Take care and best regards,


Peter Dowd 


Dear Mr Dowd,


Thank you for your very prompt response. I suppose it is too much to hope that the government will not just correct the situation going forward but will also compensate pensioners for the unfair reductions that were made in the past?


Best wishes


David Weston


Jonathan Green

Jan 30, 2021, 1:24:17 AMJan 30
That correspondence has given me more hope than in all the years I've been with BAPA; there are some MPs who think it's wrong and unfair!

Good letter, David, I won't hold my breath for the second sentence of your reply to be enacted... but it may have planted a seed somewhere.

Jonathan Green

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