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Terry Stretton

Feb 1, 2021, 9:38:43 AMFeb 1
Good Afternoon Stephen

Trust you are well and not affected by the Corona virus

We are having a continuing issue with UK Pension, which as you may be
aware, is frozen.

Approximately the amount of UK pension paid to expats. is the amount
they would have received when they left UK to come to Australia.

This pension is taken into consideration with Australian pensions paid.

However, the continued frustration of not receiving the full indexed
pension because of living in a commonwealth country is unfair

Pensioners, ex UK Pats. living in USA, France, Italy etc. and non
Commonwealth countries receive them the Full indexed pension paid by UK

The UK Govt. have put aside millions of pounds to cover pensions for
approx. 500,000 ex pats. worldwide but continue to deny them the
receiving it

We paid National Insurance etc. whilst working in UK and do not claim
any NHS benefits that would be paid or allowed if we lived in UK

So we save UK Govt a substantial amount of money in benefits available.

Some Members of the British Parliament agree that we should be entitled
to the full index pension but never seems to be legislated for approval

Australian MP's generally agree that we should receive the full index
but not sure if any action as or will be taken

Furthermore, this would benefit the Australian Govt as the amounts
received would be taken into consideration as Income when assessing the
Australian aged pension

There is a BAPA association which continues to lobby the UK govt but
needs support from Australia politicians

Boris Johnson agrees that it is an anomaly and should be paid to ALL
pensioners who have worked in UK but never seems to get "over the line"

I am therefore asking that you please bring this matter up in
Parliament, so that we can receive support for this unfair practice

Kind Regards

Terry Stretton


Sheila Whyte

Feb 2, 2021, 12:25:24 AMFeb 2
Good letter to Stephen.thank you.sheila whyte

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