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clive walford

Dec 30, 2020, 10:45:05 AM12/30/20
to BAPA gmail

FROM 2020 TO  2021

30 Dec ’20   Good morning my friends on this penultimate day of this year. A year that has rocked the world with Covid 19 and its variants. Everyone is affected to a higher or lower degree. But Covid alone is not the ultimate blinkers that shuts out the rest of our lives. You only have to read comments on the Facebook pages to see that. Many subjects both serious, helpful, light hearted and funny. Priorities come and go and “opinions” also change, depending perhaps on something someone else has posted.

Us humans are a funny lot, not just a heard of cows following the leaders bell.

Another year is dawning, life goes on and most of us can adapt to much of the continuous changes that will no doubt happen. Big worries or small will have a Facebooker somewhere ready to offer a helping word.

Covid is a very serious problem and does not warrant jokes that hurt, upset or offend anyone. But there is always room for a smile over somethings.

 South Africa police chief warns restaurants “no liquor in teapots” as alcohol sales is banned again. {{ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-55476832  }}

   “Did you stock up prior to the ban Norma?”   Light hearted words? But take even more care Norma as the variants of Covid are faster spreading.

I asked an Irishman why does he wear two face masks.(I can’t type with an Irish accent unfortunately so please read it with one!)  - -His reply was “to be sure to be sure”. Strangely when I go to see the eye specialist at the  hospital I am sometimes ordered to put on a second mask! No I am not Irish!

As we enter 2021, be vigilant, follow the “rules” and stay safe. Keep your eye on the neighbours, (from at least the 2 metre  line). Don’t kick the cat just because you cant do something you could do before lockdown!

 Happiness has no boundaries, so have a happy new year my friends.

Richard Denton

Dec 31, 2020, 1:32:53 AM12/31/20
to 'clive walford' via BAPA
Thanks Clive and a Happy New Year to you too in Indonesia. Just read one of the Japanese giants is going to invest $10bn in a battery plant in Indonesia. … the future is electric!!

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Don and Nora

Dec 31, 2020, 2:32:33 AM12/31/20
to bapa...@googlegroups.com

And a big thank you Clive from this supporter and reader.  Feel connected to the BAPA group despite being in serious lockdown here on the northern end of the Northern Beaches Sydney.  Stay safe everyone and think positive for 2021.

It’s going to be a wonderful year if we help each other and be kind.



Marion Dunn

Dec 31, 2020, 2:32:53 AM12/31/20
to bapa...@googlegroups.com
Thank you for that positive message and Happy New Year to everyone for 2021. I am not planning on being around in 2921!

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