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Desley Revell

Feb 18, 2021, 2:02:33 AMFeb 18
Thank you so very much to those who replied regarding my query on the UK Pension. It was very much appreciated.

I have forwarded this information on to our accountant and they have come back asking what category our pensions are in, in order to calculate any deduction we may be entitled to.

Does anyone know how I can find out which Category we are under. My husband was in the RAF for 22 years and contributed to National Insurance and I get a very small pension as his wife.

Would I need to contact the UK State Pension Department for them to advise me; that is if they know how the categories work when it comes to Australian Taxation.

If anyone can enlighten me, I would be so grateful.

Desley Revell


Feb 18, 2021, 3:59:37 AMFeb 18
Hallo Desley

You need to answer the question “is my SP entirely due to my husband’s contributions”  

If so, read through the categories & you will clearly see which category you are in. I’m sorry I don’t have the paperwork to hand otherwise I could tell you, but I remember that category is quite clearly stated.  

I believe your husband would be in Category 1 or 2, which is where my ex army husband with similar length of army service is. 

I just showed our accountant that email, we said my husband was eligible (ie cat 1 or 2) & she immediately applied the UPP to his SP & saved us some money. 

If you or your husband has a UK private pension which you have contributed to, the same UPP allowance applies & you can write to the ATO & request it. They will want to know some details of your contributions & size of the fund however, then there is a wait for their decision. 

You don’t need to contact UK Pension Service, the ATO knows all about this matter. 

Good luck. I hope some contributors much cleverer than I will help you out better, but I thought you might like to receive the above in case no one else replied. . 

Kind regards

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On 18 Feb 2021, at 18:02, Desley Revell <> wrote:

Thank you so very much to those who replied regarding my query on the UK Pension.  It was very much appreciated.
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