subject- unable to understand Shri S.C.Jain and other leaders of AIBRF

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Srirama Murti

Sep 10, 2019, 1:15:01 AM9/10/19
to Bankpensioner Google, Bankvrs Google
While all the retirees are praising Mr.CN Prasad , for success in supreme court, leaders of AIBRF have taken U turn
and they continue to sabotage the cause of retirees. A time will come when those leaders and Venkatachellum would
be taught a lesson by the poor retirees.the leaders of AIBRF better come in Open and tell they are controlled by 
Venkatachellum. this gentleman thundered long back in the streets of New Delhi Jantar Mantar that he would not
sign BPS without clearing bank retirees' problems.He sabotaged the cause of poor  bank pensioners by creating
Record Note.
It is high time to realise these leaders Shri SC Jain and others are not reliable.they are against approaching Courts for retiree
problems and they do not like early solution to the retirees/pensioners' problems.,meanwhile most of the pre-2002 retirees had reached the abode of God.
Let us pray God for good times to come at the earliest.
-- SSR Murthy,ex-canara bank,
Member of this blog.


Sep 10, 2019, 2:02:27 AM9/10/19
to 'Srirama Murti' via bankvrs
All violations/discriminatory rules are being slowly accepted by Unions/Retiree associations as laws.
1. Though Central Govt in 2012 itself advised Banks to provide medical insurance to retirees  Unions or retiree associations
    conveniently sent that issue to cold storage, Now AIBRF/AIBPARC are begging for reduction of Insurance premium there by
    accepting that retirees should bear 100% Premium. Now it is law for them.
2. AIBRF claims in their circular that Insurance scheme is more or less working well. Is there any alternative for retirees other than
    paying premium which is 2-3 times more than their monthly pension or quit? Can any one call this working well?
3. Earlier most of the retirees were not satisfied with UIIC regarding their service ot high premium. UBA called bids and again UIIC is
    selected. I have no knowledge whether IBA has published rates quoted by other insurers who participated in the bidding. If any member
    aware of such details are requested to upload here.
4. Another violation which is being accepted as law is IBA should instruct Banks how to implement court order.
    SC has directed Canara Bank and few other Banks to implement order on 13.02.2018. It is for Individual Banks to implement order properly. They have their own legal advisors. Why IBA should tell them procedure? Instead of approaching Banks why retiree associations
are requesting IBA to give instructions to Banks. There are several such inconsistencies and retiree associations are themselves giving approval to such violations.

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