subject : increasing immunity of the human body

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Srirama Murti

Sep 23, 2018, 12:14:04 PM9/23/18
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Dr.Khader vali, is exhorting the patients thus:-

mantra : if one takes right food, no need for medicine
              if one does not take right food, no medicine works.

Avoid: coffee,tea,sugar,alcohol--60% of diseases disappear.
take Millets ( chiru dhanyalu) now new name siri dhanyalu helps one
to fight diabetic. Also stop intake of Milk,especially plastic packet milk.
children to get only breast milk. No other milk.
if you find difficult in stopping coffee intake, please reduce coffee/tea
gradually in phased manner.avoid alcohol please.
according to Dr.Khader,independent scientist, coffee/tea are culprits.
intake of these causes damage,blessing you ill-health.

one would get 60% of his diseases disappear, within 6 weeks.

He is advocating Kashayams intake those of neem, bilva, tippa theega
take millets -- Arikelu, Saamalu
a healthy person can take Ragi, but patients better avoid Ragi.

the above are from Google search- Dr.Khader millets(TV 1 VIDEOS)

Please listen to him carefully by allotting some of your valuable time,
With regards to all,

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