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Chinnasamy Rajagopalan

Jan 23, 2023, 11:03:38 PMJan 23
Dear Sir,
                Any lengthy letters to CLC will be thrown to the dustbin and will not be even read by them. CLC will not decide the case or neither the merits of the claims will be discussed by them.When the union is so confident of winning updation under 35(1) why they have not approached the court all these years.Our claims under 35(1) is already decided by several high courts and there is no point in harping on the same clause again and again.

On Mon, 23 Jan 2023, 16:28 , <> wrote:
mohan p <>: Jan 23 09:17AM +0530

Dear Friends,
Yes.Unfortunately retiree apex organisation is misleading bank
retirees/pensioners on this issue,for reasons best known to them.
As a result at least some of us believe that the ...more
kds nair <>: Jan 22 06:37PM +0530

This is a sensible approach.
On Sun, 22 Jan, 2023, 4:06 pm JSOMA SHEKARA, <>
Suranjan Kanjilal <>: Jan 22 04:32PM +0530

AIBPARC and AIBRF leaders are playing to the gallery.
On Sun, Jan 22, 2023, 4:06 PM JSOMA SHEKARA <>
JSOMA SHEKARA <>: Jan 23 10:56AM +0530

We need not have any expectations from the CLC meeting on 24th. IBA never
commit anything before authorities officially. However as per procedure CLC
will advise all the parties to hold one more ...more
bhaskara sarma <>: Jan 23 10:08AM +0530

This is quite common.AIBPARC and AIBOC oppose every move of AIBEA but after
sometime they become one.This is just to fool the member's and to retain
their one upmanship.
With regards, ...more
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bhaskara sarma

Jan 24, 2023, 4:47:51 AMJan 24
to Bankpensioner Google
They get good member ship  only when they are assured of a huge benefit. That is why they always try to create very big and unrealistic hopes.
With regards,
P Bhaskara Sarma.

24 జన, 2023, మంగళ 9:33 AMకి, Chinnasamy Rajagopalan <> ఇలా రాశారు:
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