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Chinnasamy Rajagopalan

Jan 8, 2023, 11:09:12 PMJan 8
If RBI formula is accepted it will not be beneficial for PSB employees as already explained by Mr.Prasad since there is a component of special allowance  which is not ranking for pension where as there is no such allowance for RBI.
As feared by u if updation is done partially and upto the last settlement a situation may arise when pre 2002 retirees may draw more than the subsequent retirees till such time updation is done for all,an anomolous situation.Let us wait and see how the super brains of UFBU and IBA tackle this issue

On Sun, 8 Jan 2023, 14:58 , <> wrote:
mohan p <>: Jan 08 03:37PM +0530

Dear Friends,
Yes.It is true that much has been talked here about on Revision of Pension.
Reality is that, as retirees, we do not have any role in negotiations with
IBA .Let serving employees ...more
"S.K Hissaria" <>: Jan 08 12:27AM -0800

*Dear ALL,*
*As per 8th Joint Note for officers Sick leave for 90days i.e. 30 days for
service beyond 30 years of service provided with maximum of 3 months. Here
I want to share that No effective ...more
mohan p <>: Jan 07 09:19PM +0530

For Information;
Anantharaman Tg <>: Jan 07 09:31PM +0530

There appears an issue of change from NPS to OPS!
When they are yet to redress the grievances of old
pensioners and say funds problem, what is the need
for this? Is there any demand for the ...more
JSOMA SHEKARA <>: Jan 08 12:09AM +0530

Now Unoions have no co.ntrol over NPS and they cannot surrender part of
benefits in exchange of some benefit to employees. After OPS is restored
they can exchange benefits of Pension scheme like ...more
MOHANDAS RAO <>: Jan 07 09:20PM +0530

January are bank holidays].
The much-awaited COMPLETE circular regarding ...more
R Balaji <>: Jan 07 09:36AM +0530

If updation is settled with suitable loading for all bipartite period it
will solve all the issues
But if only pre 2002 issue alone is settled other retirees will not get
anything in near future. ...more
Gajanan Chaudhari <>: Jan 06 07:57PM -0800

I and many others will appreciate if 100 % DA issue is resolved before
updation. The fraternity is worried because nothing is moved on ground so
Thanks for information.
JSOMA SHEKARA <>: Jan 06 07:06PM +0530

We are all discussing, debating, making presumptions and assumptions about
a mirage called updation. None of us have any concrete evidence to prove
anything. All we have is a circular from UFBU ...more
kandala ashok <>: Jan 06 05:47PM +0530

There is an exception to what Mr Narayan says....Bank of itself need not be blamed...The fund is supposed to be
managed by representatives os management, union and association. ...more
krishna mohan nidumolu <>: Jan 06 10:06PM +0530

Then speak on the affidavit of IBA in Supreme Court.
Why Acturial report being asked UFBU
Then why 5 year Amortization was granted to Family Pension improvement
Then why cost ...more
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kds nair

Jan 10, 2023, 10:58:28 PMJan 10
It is fact that nothing is offered to retirees by iba/dfs.Then why you are misleading us  now.

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bhaskara sarma

Jan 11, 2023, 11:00:32 PMJan 11
to Bankpensioner Google
Most of the pre 2002 retiees lost heavily during the past eighteen years and the loss runs into Rs 5_10lakhs.Then what is the anomaly if they are given updation ahead of others.Moreover most of them are super senior citizens.

With regards,
P Bhaskara Sarma.

On Mon, 9 Jan, 2023, 9:39 am Chinnasamy Rajagopalan, <> wrote:

Rajender Sharma

Jan 12, 2023, 11:11:00 PMJan 12
to bankpensioner
It is perfectly right if 100% DA is restored to pre-2002 retirees .
Those who are not agreeable to it don't want updating  of pension at all.
Let an anomaly be rectified first and the process of updation take its own
course.. We will be axing our own rights if we oppose this minimum benefit.

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