Ensuing BPS / Pension updation issues.

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Mani B

Jan 26, 2023, 4:05:47 AMJan 26
to bankpensioner
I hv just recd the following msg through whatsapp and i am sharing it with you all.

🌹 *चाय पर चर्चा* 🌹25-1-2023 (English version)
 UFBU along with IBA has been working against retirees, but... *IS UFBU FRIENDLY TO WORKING EMPLOYEES ?*
This question is troubling many FRIENDS . Today let's discuss this topic: are the visible benefits of UFBU+IBA really true or are the employees working behind the scenes being cheated? Working employees/officers….may  be your children, neighbors, friends, relative spouse, disciples etc. of the retirees and it becomes the duty of the retirees. They should be made aware of the reality/truth. That *UFBU is not anyone's partner, for him the biggest money, brother is the biggest money!!!*
*Let's analyze what the employees/officers बीते वर्षो में क्या खोया ?*
Harmful issues given by UFBU for working employees: As follows --
*1* *Biggest loss to working employees in future* , UFBU's suicide consent, by which if a complaint of misbehavior (true or false) comes against an employee or bank officer, now he will be fined from *Minor misconduct to Gross Misconduct* , It seems that there is a mixed conspiracy to weaken the power of young bankers.
*2* *Five days Banking*
Government of India has 5 days weak in all its offices and in all MNCs but this demand of banking employees was stuck due to not giving much importance to UFBU. Now on the initiative of the government, in the important meeting of 5 days week 24 1 2023, UFBU has placed it on the priority position in its agenda for the first time. We hope so..... but be careful.
*3* Reducing *DA factor* is a big loss to working employees, that is, 0.07% DA factor will give less benefit if inflation increases.

6th BPS DA factor   =0.35%
7th BPS DA factor   =0.24%
8th BPS DA factor   =0.18%
9th BPS DA factor   = 0.15%
10th BPS DA factor = 0.10%
11th BPS DA factor   =0.07%
12th  BPS DA factor may be 0.03%
This is the damage that is not visible.
4 *Merger of DA in Basic Pay* Date taken on 1-11-2016. While the settlement will be applicable from 1-11-2017, then why not merge the dearness allowance of 1-11-2017. If the DA of 1-11-2017 was merged, the Basic Pay would have increased, which would have benefited PF, HRA, CCA as well as pension. Are going to do the same mistake or intentionally again in 12th BPS so be careful.
*5* *Basic+DA has the lowest increase* like:-
1.11.2022..... God is the master?

*6* *Non-Merger of Special pay in Basic Pay*
*Undeclared losses are not being allowed to be felt by giving benefits of DA etc. on special allowance to working colleagues.*
It is very important for the working employees to understand this.
  What will be the impact on you if you consider the special allowance as part of basic salary for pension or not. Let's try to explain with an example.
*Let's assume that you Oct. Working in 22nd and you retire in November 22nd and your basic salary is 78230/-.*
                      For working   At retirement
Basic pay             78230        78230
Spl.Allowance      12830           nil 
Total Basic           91060        78230
*Pension 50%*    45530         39115
*Communication* 15175        13038
*Basic pension*    30455        26087            

*D...@32.97%*      15011        12896

*TOTAL*                45466      38983

*DIFFERENCE*                   Rs6483/-pm
Direct loss every month = *Rs 6483/-*
 Approximately in one year = *Rs 80000/-*
If you live for an estimated 12 years then loss = *10,00,000/-*
 Along with this, if interest is applied on 6483/- in 12 years according to Recurring deposit, then also approximately = *Rs 6,00,000/-* will be made.
*Your total loss is around 16,00,000/-*
All of you are experts in calculation, you can automatically calculate the loss caused to you.....
*Working colleagues, you are ignoring this loss right now, but the truth is the truth.*
*(7)*  *TRANSFER POLICY*... For the last 10 years, UFBU has completely surrendered to IBA regarding transfer of officers. Earlier Inter-zonal transfer used to be 3yrs and 5yrs and in the new agreement it has been done for 4 years and 6 years.
*( 8)*  With the help of UFBU, IBA is going to bring a transfer policy for Award staff also.  Award staff cannot be transferred outside the city, But now it is proposed to consider the district as the boundary line and gradually the state will be considered as the yardstick for transfer.
*9.* According to the order of the Ministry of Finance on 7-1-2023, there will be no sub-staff in the banks. All the work will be done by the outsourcing company or officers itself.. Due to the connivance of UFBU, the poor man does not get a job.
All the leaders are silent.
Today, except the retirees, all of you working employees are in a celebratory mood, but pay attention to the losses being suffered by all of you behind the scenes. It should also be kept in mind that today the UFBU, which is showing dreams of good growth to the employees, but everything is sure to be snatched away as soon as you retire. *Will all of you get something pensionable amount on retirement in the new pension scheme ?*  
It is being proved from the above discussion that *UFBU is neither a well-wisher of retirees nor a well-wisher of working employees/officers.*
*Retirees and working colleagues should together raise their voice against discriminatory behavior and exploitation in the banking industry by the UFBU.
*Always remember Teamwork is the key to success.*
स्वस्थ रहें, प्रयासरत रहें।
🙏 *Dharam* 🙏
New Delhi..9810900536
(All Retirees Brothers are requested to please make aware,send/ inform the realty/facts to the working friends)



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