Meetup talk: OCaml-flavoured Typed FP for Rubyists

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Jasim A Basheer

Jul 22, 2018, 2:06:49 PM7/22/18
Hello all!

I'm excited to talk about ReasonML, which is a friendly dialect of OCaml, on our next meetup.

Reason/OCaml is a language in the ML family - it is statically typed and functional. The types here are distinctly different from the type systems we know in Java, C++ and similar languages. ML's type system is in my experience an ally than an impediment in getting things done.

In the talk I'll focus on how ML's type system helps us write code that doesn't have edge-cases. As Ruby programmers this idea can help you eliminate ambiguous decision-making from your code and make it more hospitable.

Sherin and Hari will join me for the meetup; all of us are using Reason in our production work. If you'd like to get a feel for the language, we'll be happy to pair with you for a short while after the event. Just make sure you have a working compiler setup in your laptop. Here's the setup instructions -

This is a beginner-level talk in the sense anyone should be able to understand the concepts, but the concepts if practiced well should pay expert-level dividends. So everyone is welcome!

The meetup is on this Saturday, the 28th of July at the Spork Labs office at Domlur. Location and RSVP here:


kashyap k

Jul 23, 2018, 3:31:49 AM7/23/18
Wow. Is this the first invite that’s a personal note from the speaker? Really appreciate the effort.
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