BANGALORE RUG-Ruby Users Group

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Hello, and welcome to the Bangalore Ruby Users Group. 

We've had trouble with spam in general and recruiter spam in particular in the past, so we have some simple guidelines:
  • Your request for membership will be auto-rejected if you leave the "Reason" field blank.
  • Posting advertisements that are not jobs will result in a kick-ban. 
  • Please read the job posting guidelines below before posting job ads.
We strictly adhere to these rules for the sole purpose of ensuring a good experience of the members of this group.

Job posting guidelines:
  • Job postings must carry [JOB] in the subject. Ignoring this will lead to a ban.
  • New members posting jobs or advertising right after they join will be banned.
  • You must be a regular contributor to tech conversations to post a job. Please create value before you advertise.
  • Anyone that only posts jobs will receive a warning and/or be banned. 
  • Job posts must clearly identify the company and role without needing members to to contact them.
  • Job posts by members on behalf of third parties are strongly  discouraged and will quickly lead to a ban. 
Job posts are an integral part of the value created by a community like ours for its members. However, this should not be at the expense of what keeps us together as a community which is the technical conversations we have.

Any other Non Technical Conversations and Non Jobs should come as [OT] prefix