Teaching adults how to cycle Cubbon Park session 12th May 2024

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Ali Poonawala

May 14, 2024, 8:56:07 AMMay 14
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends..!

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 12th May 2024
Quite a lot of younger studentrs today, and vey few adult learners. The young gang of Amayra, Vikhyaat and Vikshana also helped us put the cycles back.
Cool and breezy day, glad to have the Bangalore weather back.
Trainers: Ali, Parag
volunteer: Sadiq
Hello : Chandrashekar ji and Smt Shanthalakshmi
Newbies :
Anu - Youngest learner of the day at 5(plus as she put it!) Managed to do a bit of static balancing, and tried to scoot, with some help from Amayra our second youngest learner.
Ruchika- A 'referral' newbie ! ( Granma Suguna is Cubbon worker ).Getting a hang of scooting on the foldie..
Mihira -She was a 'walk-in' newbie, with grandpa Prakash-ji. Learning to scoot on her first day.
Shireen- Amayras mom, after seeing Amayras amazing progress, took the plunge and managed to do static balancing and scooting. Started with half-pedaling uphill, she should be pedaling by next session.
Suma- First one to turn up at 7.30 am today, already been to Sadashivnagar yesterday..Started with static balancing and managed to get to scooting, but needs a bit more practice.
Vinay- Was standing in the sidelines for such a long time, I assumed he was accompanying someone ! Has learnt in the past, so just few tips about safety and braking was enough for him to re join !
Amayra- Started with scooting, and quickly moved to pedaling, did zig zags, and had started on turns by the end of the session.
Ayaan- Came after a huge gap but picked up and Is able to pedal confidently now. Braking, as often, was forgotten so re emphasized.
Dheekshith - turned up with dad and younger sib with a smaller bicycle. Managed to get himself going , pedalling reasonably well..
Dhritti - Young lass with her dad was for her second session.Still not too comfortable with trusting her hands to do the balancing bit!
Kiran- Continued to scoot and was feeling good about her progress. Asked her to come earlier to benefit from full session.
Mukta- Our oldest and very diligent learner came and practiced scooting for a while and also helped us put the cycles back.
Vikshana- Confidently pedaling and mastered circles and figure 8 today. started on hand signaling.
Vikyaath- Pedaling fine now, but struggling a bit with turning smoothly, and needs to practice braking and stopping safely. But the enthusiastic young man is already looking forward to learning bike stunts.
Vignesh- Pedaling properly now, but struggling a bit with zig zags.
Nidhi- Got the rental bike and was doing well ... unfortunately, had a child suddenly in her path
and brakes did not work well, and she crashed and fell..landing on her shoulder and in tears
due to severe pain.
Dr. Ravi Prakash, An accomplished senior Orthopaedic surgeon
dad of Vikyaath and Vikshana, was there and kind enough to give first aid including
a sling and advised to get shoulder +X rayed ASAP.
Chandrika - Nidhi's mom, has now graduated to Pedalling, albeit unsteady due to slight lurch. After Nidhi's fall, she showed remarkable composure, not only reasuring Nidhi, but instilling confidence to go and return the rental bike and take Ola back home from Hudson Circle.
Respects.. to the
Mother of the day !
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Ali 
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