Teaching adults how to cycle Cubbon Park session 21 April 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Apr 22, 2024, 7:10:59 AMApr 22
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 21 Apr 2024
Lots of learners today, newbies and ongoing learners. Another blazingly hot day.
Trainers: Sahasra, Ali, Naga Prakash, Junaid
Volunteer : Sadiq, Prasanna
Newbies : 12
Chandrika: Nidhi's mom, already rides a two wheeler..so scooted with ease within minutes. Pedalling for the next week .🤞
Manish : Technically a newbie for BBS, but knows cycling. Was patient in listening to all the 'gyan' being given to real newbies and then got a few tips about safety on the roads
Divika: Youngest of our riders with a tiny bike...a little unsure due to the chaos around her...Dad helped to remove the balancing wheels, to get ready for scooting.
Advik: Accompanied by mom, and his own bike, was finding scooting difficult with pedals hitting the shin. Got pedals removed and hopefully, will practice near home too.
Aniket: Star of the day ! Went against the general observation of young men taking longer to scoot...managed balance within couple of downslope runs.
Avanthika : This young lady was with mom, and started scooting on the foldie, despite the handicap of pedals. she continued with scooting but some more time.
Anusuya : Although accompanying her ward, she decided to take a plunge
and started scooting herself... Great spirit ! Respects !
Dhiraj: Had cycled previously , got a rental bike, so balancing was not an issue but control was...almost ambushed a bunch of walkers, fortunately no one hurt !
Sonya : Scooted well today and should be ready for pedalling next weekend..
Neenu : Managed to scoot with some confidence .
Sumana : Another newbie who was able to get the logic of balancing and managed to scoot with comfort. Hopefully over to Pedalling next session..
Yashika: A 4th class kid came with her parents and sister to learn. Eager to learn but bit hesitant. Started with scooting and she practiced for sometime.
Seniors: 16
Brenda: She having resumed training after gap of couple of years, is able to balance now but control will only come with further effort for circles etc.
Dhruv - Was accompanied by Grandparents and still in Scooting phase of training.
Nidhi : She came with Mom with a rental bike, since we were very short of teaching bikes..and lost time, but is getting hang of scooting and learnt half pedalling too.
Danvin : Doing his own riding now, Had a fall with scraping off skin at couple of places... He was brave about it and mom Nilima, concerned. I told her what works for me... do nothing and will start healing in couple of days.
Guhan - Sincere young boy, attending Saturday sessions at Sadashivnagar too, helped him with pedalling upslope, just to keep his morale up. Still not balancing due to fear of falling..😔
Kavan- Guhans mon, is now able to ride with good anticipation. Needs to move on to turns and circles.
Soumya : Scooting with more confidence but still not able to balance well...Work in progress
Nickelson: Was late so missed a lot of the session. Scooting in progress. Taught half pedalling.
Muktha- Had another stint at scooting. Again, at the fag end of the session...after the compulsive running event !
Neelima : She came in with rental bike which she shared generously ..thanks ! Main issue is finding upslope starts dificult on some occasions.
Rekha- Came early and helped to get the cycles stayed through the session . Feels her balancing during scooting is improving ... Persistence Pays !😇
Smitha: Diligent, Pedalling well down hill but loses control in upslope due to lurching.
Wants to bring her son who is used to balancing wheels ..Most welcome !
Janaki: She attended yesterday's session at Sadashiv nagar. Need more time to get to scooting.
Nitesh: He is improving at scooting. Need more practice.
Till next weekend
Krishna and V both new to cycling and did well scooting will be back next week to practice
Sunitha was doing well with confidence and will be back next week
Ohila and Rafaan will come and train when free
Keep Pedalling !
Till next weekend
Naga Prakash / Ali / Junaid / Sahasra
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