Teaching adults how to cycle BBS Cubbon Park session 14 April 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Apr 17, 2024, 4:03:50 AMApr 17
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 14 Apr 2024
Lots of learners today, newbies and ongoing learners. Another blazingly hot day.
Trainers: Ali,Parag,Junaid
Volunteer : Sadiq, Seema, Archana
Newbies : 11
Dhruv - Grandpa Ravishankar brought the cycle for him in the car.
The bike is small for this 9 year old, but should work for the time being. Started scooting with some apprehension but should be fine gong forward.
Kanchan- Practiced scooting
Nidhi : She came with Mom and Dad and learning to scoot. Can manage short distances...will be balancing in couple of sessions. Mom , Chandrika, hopefully will join next weekend herself.
Radhika : She could keep both feet up for a few seconds while moving downslope. Will crack.balancing soon
Pooja : This cheerful young girl was the most promising newbie of the day. Managed not only to balance but pedal at good speed too.
Priya : Getting to scoot
Soumya : A newbie, again , in scooting stage.
Nickelson : Young man from Whitefield had come last weekend quite late but was diligent today and learnt balance.
Neena- Knows how to rode a scooter but was nervous about balancing and pedaling, and took a while to get comfortable with scooting, but then managed to pedal by the end of the session.
Subitha- Already knew how to ride a scooter ad in a few minutes was pedaling comfortably.
Usha- Eldest learner of the day, practiced diligently, Is able to scoot down, but has a bit of a tendency to drift, she worked on correcting that in the last part of the session.
Seniors: 12
Arjit : with dad Praveen keeping a very active watch on this cute lad, who has cracked balancing but control needs working at
Chithra : She is also a well motivated lady, with daughter Archana supervising her progress...
Danvin : Now learning to do single hand riding using the other hand . Excellent cycle control now
Guhan - Came with his own bike, but practiced scooting with the foldie , still not confident about letting the balance happen.
Kavan- Guhans mon, is now able to comfortabley ride Guhans bike and the other bikes.
Michelle- The hardworking young girl got to scooting downhill a bit, though uphill was a bit of a struggle.
Malashree- She was aboe to pedal both down and uphill comfirtably,and started with zig zags.
Muktha- Our eldest learner at 72, came late, as usual after competong a 5 Km walkathon, and did a bit of scooting practice as usual.
Her priority is running events, Still she is tying her best to attend and learn cycling ! Respects !!,😇😇
Neelima : Dhanvin's mom, managed to do both downhill and uphill today, and did some zig zags.
Prathyusha - Made progres on scooting downhill, needs a bit more prctice before she can go on to pedaling.
Rekha- Came for a short while and and practiced scooting.
Shesha - 9 year old came with her own bike today, and got her brother along as well, with his bike.
She was helped by her brother today and still on scooting
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Ali / Junaid 
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