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May 11, 2024, 3:44:54 PMMay 11
to Bangalore Bikers Club
“Some” pics from a short #CycleTour #BikePacking ride I did in 2019-Aug — 
The ride was from #Bengaluru to #Tirupati, via #Madanapalle.  ~250kms in first ~2days.  Each day was ~125kms, with #Madanapalle being the ~halfway point, where I did the night stay after day-1.
After a 3day stay at Tirupati, I rode from Tirupati to #Chittoor on day-6, and then took a bus back to Bengaluru.   I did the Lord Balaji darshan at Tirumala Devasthanam on day-4; was_not allowed to ride the cycle from Tirupati to Tirumala, so went by bus.  And did some local temple / sightseeing trips in Tirupati on the other 2 days. 

Strava links for route and elevation details --
* Day-01 -- https://www.strava.com/activities/2624418793
** Bengaluru - Madanapalle ; ~124kms.
* Day-02 -- https://www.strava.com/activities/2627447051
** Madanapalle - Tirupati ; ~115kms.
* Day-06 -- https://www.strava.com/activities/2639912512
** Tirupati - Chittoor ; ~70kms.
I had_not been able to do a long-ish cycle tour in 2019, so being able to do this short tour was great.  Followed it up with two other short tours in 2019.
During the Covid19 pandemic restrictions in 2020-2021, I frequently looked at the pics from these short tours… wonderful memories, and reminders of the “freedoms”, which we were missing so much during the pandemic.  These memories helped lift the spirits.
For this cycle tour, I have ~1500 pics extracted from the ride videos from my helmet mounted #GoPro #Hero3 action camera.  Plus a bunch of pics from my smartphone camera.   It's difficult to select “some” good ones, but I managed to pick ~200-300.  :)  The pics don’t cover the Tirupati-Chittoor ride of day-6.
Hope folks enjoy viewing all these pics, as much as I enjoyed sharing them, & reliving many of the memories from this wonderful cycle tour.
Aside — Using Canva to create the album/presentation was also very enjoyable.  Great way to make an album as a presenation, and share the view via a link.



May 15, 2024, 1:54:01 AMMay 15
to Bangalore Bikers Club
Nice pics.
For a change this is refreshing to see than the "teaching adults to cycle" posts


May 16, 2024, 5:41:19 PMMay 16
to Bangalore Bikers Club
Hah ha ha ... good to know that you liked the pics, and the variation in the forum posts.

I have lot of pics/vids piled up ( from as far back as ~2012 ) , that I am trying to organise and roll into digital albums etc.  I will try to keep posting some stuff, to keep some variety on the forum. :)

BTW ... I felt that the presentation format, which gives very fine-grained control to design the layout of pics on each page ( slide ) , gave a vastly better visual effect; than the usual ditigal albums, where one simply views a sequence of individual pics.  Plus, select pages can be printed, for use directly in a paper album.  No need to juggle multiple printed pics for each page of the paper album.

Canva made it particularly easy to share the view via an online link.  Plus the presentation can be saved as a PDF, PPT, etc.

Various image processing apps like PhotoShop, LightRoom, etc. might provide these layout design features, and presentation format, etc.  But if one is_not looking for fancy image processing, Canva seems like a very good alternative.  And lot can be done with the free version.  ( The premium version has montly/yearly subscription, which seems a bit expensive. )


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