Teaching adults how to cycle Cubbon Park session 7th April 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Apr 7, 2024, 9:55:45 PMApr 7
to Sharath Chandar, GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club)
Hi friends..

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 7 Apr 2024
Lots of learners today, quite a few drop ins, though some of the registered newbies did not turn up so were able to somehow manage with just the two of us. Sun was in furiously hot mood, with the prospect of being eclipsed by a piddly little moon for full 8 minutes the next day and beating down without any remorse.. ..
Trainers: Ali,Parag
Volunteer : Sadiq
Newbies : 10
Tabassum : Was already there as the cycles were being brought in.
with children and had learnt it previously so picked up soon and was pedaling but lurching needs correcting
Faiza : Tabassum's 11 yr old daughter wanted to try with our adult bike but found tough and was comfortable with foldie,pedalling too like mom..
Faiz : Younger and rash..in a hurry to get on.. ! Again, the safety fundas have to be learnt..he too got balance from memory
Guhan - Came with his own bike, but was scared of falling. He did the tilt the bike to get on and off drill for 15 minutes to get confident, and then moved to static balance and scooting, but his bike was a bit too big for him. After switching to the foldie, he was able to manage better.e
Michelle- The 5th grader came with her parents and younger brother, extremely nervous but gamely moved on and managed to get a hang of balancing quickly, and to scooting downhill, though uphill was a bit of a struggle.
Martin- Star of the day, went from balancing to scooting to pedaling on first day itself, and even rode the rental bike Malashree had got !
Prathyusha - Newbie, struggled a bit with static balance, but then was able to progres to scooting, needs a bit more prctice before she can go on to pedaling.
Pankaja & Sunil - The couple worked hard on getting the balance right and managed to scoot downhill. Next week Pankaja should be ready to try pedaling, Sunil needs bit more scooting time.
Sunayana- Came with her father Krishna, and got static balance quickly, but struggled with scooting.
Seniors: 11
Brenda- On eof our senior learners, came after a long break, but managed to get back to pedaling quickly, showing the cycling skill is retained even after a break. Her posture is a bit rigid, relaxing the shoulders will help with pedaling more fluently.
Chithra : A learner from last year, came with her daughter and practiced a bit, promising to come again next weekend with her own bike.
Malashree- The hardworking learner got a rental bike and trudged all the way as the bike was a bit too big for her to handle comfortably. After switching to a smaller bike she was aboe t pedal down comfirtably, though uphill was a bit challenging.
Muktha- Our eldest learner at 72, came late, as usual after competong a 5 Km walkathon, and did a bit of scooting practice as usual.
Her priority is running events, Still she is tying her best to attend and learn cycling ! Respects !!,😇😇
Neelima : Dhanvin's mom, star of the day, managed to do both downhill and uphill today, and she came even though Dhanvin could not as he had hurt his arm while playing !
Nitheesh: Came with his parents, and practiced scooting, he is almost read for pedaling.
Priyanka- Came back aftter a break, did a couple of rounds of scooting, and then moved on to pedaling.
Rekha- Came with her friend Brenda after a long break and practiced scooting.
Shesha - 9 year old came with her own bike today, and got her brother along as well, with his bike.
She was helped by her dad and still on scooting
SMitha- She is able to scoot downhill with one leg perfectly, but tends to lose balance (confidence ?) when she starts to pedal.
Nisha : Was the petite but adventurous lady who was mashing her way upslope.
Not sure if she was accompanying someone else and wanted to just further her skillset.
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Ali
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