Teaching adults how to cycle: BBS Cubbon Park session 2nd June 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Jun 4, 2024, 1:18:12 PMJun 4
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 2 Jun 2024
Quiet day today, with a few learners, mosty seniors.
Trainers: Ali, Parag
Volunteer: Bala from Cadence 90, and Neha
Newbies : 2
Kevin- Started with static balancing and moved to scooting downhill, struggled in uphill.
Mini- Kevins Mom. and star of the day. Managed to go all the way to pedaling today.
Seniors: 9
Arushi - Youngest learner of the day, balancing a bit better, but still lurching occasionally.
Arjith: This little tiger immediately accepted the 'do the circle' suggestion, and Dad Praveen made him do both, clockwise and anticlockwise.. Had to leave early. Figure of '8' comes next !
Ankita- Practiced balancing and scooting, was hesitating in scooting faster, a bit more practice and she will be ready to pedal.
Diwakar - Good progress in reducing the lurch
Khushboo- Managed to do circles, struggled a bit with tight circles and figure 8
Rukmani :Cracked pedalling uphill and turns today, and started on circles.
Soumya- Managed to pedal up and down today.
Vinay- Continued with turns and will be ready to move to signaling.
Vignesh- Pedaling properly and did better on tighter circles.
Till next weekend
Keep pedalling!🚴
Parag / Ali 
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