Teaching adults how to cycle Cubbon Park session 31st March 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Apr 3, 2024, 11:00:16 AMApr 3
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends...

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 31 Mar 2024
For third consecutive weekend ...No traffic restriction, open access at Venkatappa Art Gallery gate !! And light attendance in the park and among learners due to the long weekend. Kavita and Geeta helped with the bikes
Trainers: Naga Prakash, Ali,Parag
Volunteer : Sadiq,Sahasra
Newbies : 6
Aparna & Nitesh: Walk in newbie siblings, did a bit of scooting and left.
Shesha - 9 year old newbie, is petite and delicate framed, found it difficult to reach brakes of foldie
but gave it a very good try.
She will do better with a smaller rental bicycle for sure.
Sujatha : Shesha's mom, a newbie, actually did better, and although not perfect, sense of balance is good. There is a lurch, making her zig Zag. Should be good in couple of sessions
Umme Sara : Another petite 7 yr old, newbie here but attended Sadashivnagar yesterday.
Dhanvin was very gracious and lent his little bike to Sara who made the best of the opportunity.
Although Pedalling stokes were all over, sense of balancing was commendable.
Chithra : A senior citizen. She wanted to learn cycling because she wants to use it for commuting on errands. She has lot of enthusiasm to learn. Started with scooting. Need more practice.
Seniors: 9
Fathima Hina- Youngest learner of the day, arrived with her bicycle and contiued trying to scoot
Danvin : Imprived his braking skills today and is able to ride one handed by freeing his right hand, but struggled to do the same with the left hand free.
Gunjan - Younges of the 3 siblings of the Badminton crowd, managed to pedal downhill, but struggled a bit to get the uphill right. After that she practiced cycling straight up and down to get rid of the lurch.
Malashree- The hardworking learner who came all the way from Whitefield put in a solid effort throughout the class, and moved to pedaling.
Muktha- Our eldest learner at 72, came late, as usual, and did a bit of scooting practice as usual.
Her priority is running events, Still she is tying her best to attend and learn cycling ! Respects !!,😇😇
Neelima : Dhanvin's mom, picjed up full pedaling while going downhill,
and continiued with half pedaling going uphill.
Reenu- Middle of the 3 badminton sisters, practiced riding up and down a few times, and also helped park the cycle back.
Vishaka : Trio's cousin, a good rider, now learning hand signaling
Rakshit- Came on a rental bike and practiced riding in the park.
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Naga Prakash / Ali
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