Teaching adults how to cycle : BBS Sadashivnagar 13th April 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Apr 16, 2024, 9:42:09 AMApr 16
to Sharath Chandar, GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Suma Arun
Hi friends..

Bangalore Bicycling School, Saturday 13th April 2024
Sadashivnagar session
Trainers 3 - Junaid, Gurudeep n Suma
Newbies : 4
1. Usha - 71 year old. Star of the day . Initially struggled a bit with a fear of falling but then she took off to ride with ease by the end of the session. Kudos to ur positive spirit ma’am.
2. Kavan - Newbie - never rode a bicycle . Came along with her 8/9 yr old son Guhan and his bike. Kavan was able to scoot well n then started to ride well with good balance. Another star of the day .
3. Janaki- Newbie. In her 50’s n keen to learn riding a cycle. Couldn’t find a bike her size in our collection but enjoyed the session thoroughly.
4. Kanchan - Newbie-Started with scooting n continued thru the session. Will need more practice.
Seniors: 4
1. Guhan was a bit petrified of falling . Will need a couple more sessions to get comfortable. But he enjoyed Parth’s ( Gurudeep’s son) company a lot. Btw Parth has taken up a Kids pedal challenge of 10km *20 days . Good luck to him for that .
2. Anumol- Attended cubbon sessions n is used to scooting. Initially struggled a bit but soon got onto a comfortable bike n started riding . Body balance was good . A couple more sessions required.
3. Shanthi - Ongoing- Back after a long break n was able to ride in bits n pieces. Consistency would help her learn quickly.
4. Sindhu - Shanthi’s daughter. Ongoing. Same as Shanti’s case. Needs to be a little more regular to be able to learn riding.. still in half pedalling stage .
Thank you Junaid and Gurudeep for the support. Special thanks to Parth n his bike which was quite useful in this session.
Lead trainer
BBS Sadashivnagar 
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