Teaching adults how to cycle BBS Cubbon Park session 19th May 2024

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Ali Poonawala

May 20, 2024, 10:24:34 AMMay 20
to Sharath Chandar, GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club)
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 19th May 2024
Quiet day today, with very few learners. Cool and breezy day again, glad to have the Bangalore weather back.
Trainers: Ali, Parag,Prasanna,Junaid
Hello : Dr Ashlesha and Dr Purnima, Dr Ali's colleagues from St Marthas
Newbies : 1
Diwakar - The Only newbie today, made good progress, all the way to pedaling, and is ready to start on circles. Significant lurching makes him prone to wayward travel line
Seniors: 10
Arushi - Youngest learner of the day at 5, managed balance a bit going downhill, but struggled uphill, with tendency to drop her shoulder, and she kept blaming the naughty shoulder for this ! The fearless girl then ran off to play with a pet dog.
Advik- 2nd youngest learner today, the lad confidently managed to ride one handed and learnt to signal and turn. Him and Arushi exchanging Hi-5s at the session end was the cute highlight of the day.
Akshaya - Practiced circles and started with riding one handed for learning signaling.
Khushboo- Rode up and down and a bit of turning, tends to drop her shoulders a bit.
Mukta- Our oldest and very diligent learner came and practiced scooting for a while and also helped us put the cycles back. Her reluctance to allow hands to do the balancing while keeping both feet in air, is the road block to be negotiated !
Niteesh- Is able to balance and pedal, but tends to stop too soon, and does not get into the rythym of pedaling regularly.
Priyanka- Came after a 2 week break (food poisoning!), and practiced riding and turning.
Soumya- Practiced scoting and managed to balance pedaling downhill, strugled with the uphill.
Vignesh- Pedaling properly now, but still struggling a bit with zig zags.
Vinay- Continued with turns and will be ready to move to signaling.
Till next weekend
Keep pedalling!🚴
Parag / Ali /Junaid / Prasanna
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