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Rajat Agrawal

Sep 9, 2009, 12:26:41 AM9/9/09
to bangaloreBikers
WARNING - What follows may get you excited, all those with a heart/liver/stomach condition are advised to start deep breathing NOW!

The next installment of BBCh is here, the routes are fixed and recces are being done. This one will challenge you to find that rhythm and the lung power to destroy kilometers of tarmac through the green and scenic Bangalore outskirts.

Quick Info:
Date - 20th September (Sunday)
Time - 7:30am (tentative)
Type - On road
Location - Off Doddaballapur road, starting a little distance from the village of Rajankunte
Distance - approx. 45 km, single start to finish loop
Route map and Driving directions - attached are two pictures courtesy Vivek showing the planned route and driving directions

Gear up, start training, MTB folks start sourcing those slicks, single speeders drop those carriers. Consider all those long-rides as training, you know you can do this :)


Register here -

During registration apart from your name, email-id and participation level (racer/volunteer) you need to enter a Jersey number. Some numbers already assigned are here - Riders list. If you are on the list then use the number assigned to you. If not then pick a unique number of your liking that is not already on the list and register.

Since the Jersey number assignment is not automated it will take some time for your name to appear in the Riders list so don't worry.

This is a long route and requires multiple volunteer points to prevent riders from going off route, to keep timing, to simply shout and scream at the top of their voices so pitch in and join up. Photographers with the cool SLRs and the compact point and shoots this will be a great opportunity to flex those fast shutters and video-enthusiasts can rope in support drivers to capture the racers in motion.

Bring you family, friends, colleagues, share the experience with them. Since the race track loops back you can easily see multiple stages of the race by traveling a short distance. Thinking of getting into cycling go ahead and talk to the participants and get enthused.

More updates will follow...

Any questions? go ahead and ask...
Route to BBCh 5.jpg
BBCh 5 - Race Route.jpg

Sudhir P

Sep 17, 2009, 3:33:05 AM9/17/09
to Rajat Agrawal, bangaloreBikers
is the start time fixed at 7:30? or is it still tentative?
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Photoblog :
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I do not suffer from insanity......
I enjoy it!

Rohan Kini

Sep 17, 2009, 4:25:01 AM9/17/09
to Sudhir P, Rajat Agrawal, bangaloreBikers
ok ..lets fix it .. 7:30 am .. start time

makes it easier for folks to plan up their transport etc.

Vinod Jaimini

Sep 17, 2009, 5:19:18 AM9/17/09
to Rajat Agrawal, bangaloreBikers
Hi All
Can any one tell me would this race strat from Mekri Circle?
I live in Indira Nagar. If any one near by Indra Nagar going to participate then let me know, we can go together.

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Vivek Radhakrishnan

Sep 17, 2009, 5:44:03 AM9/17/09
to Vinod Jaimini, Rajat Agrawal, bangaloreBikers
Please look at the thread, BBCh 5, planning and volunteers.
You will find the exact race details there, route distances etc

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Vivek Radhakrishnan

Sep 17, 2009, 5:45:15 AM9/17/09
to Vinod Jaimini, Rajat Agrawal, bangaloreBikers
Make that " BBCh 5, Volunteers and Planning"

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Karl Henrik

Sep 18, 2009, 1:58:24 PM9/18/09
to Bangalore Bikers Club

I am new in India and Banglore. Moved her 6 days ago, from Norway.Have
done much biking in Norway. But have not got my bike yet - but have
shoes (shimano SPD) and outfit with me. Anybody who would like to
borrow me a bike? I am 1,84 cm tall.

No bike = volunteer :-)

Looking forward to hear from you!

Karl Henrik

Santosh Kulkarni

Sep 19, 2009, 11:26:19 AM9/19/09
Hello Everyone,

BBCh 5

Date: 20th September 2009
Time: 07: 30 AM IST
Distance: 46kms

Please see below for driving directions to reach the route (along with images)


1. Set your odos to 0 at Mekhri Circle, and head out towards the Airport.

2. At 8.4 km you will have passed Jakkur Aerodrome on your right and will reach a traffic light, there will be a Gas station on your left.  You should get onto the service road on the left just before the traffic light, this road will FORK OFF TO THE LEFT towards Yelahanka and go through a railway crossing.

3. At 9.2 km you will reach the Yelahanka police station (on your left) at a traffic junction. TURN LEFT onto the Doddaballapur Road, and ride on straight.

4. At approx 18.9 km you will reach reach a left turn at Rajanakunte Village. Thats where you'll see this large banner/poster and a coca cola shop is right below it...thats where you are supposed to take LEFT to reach the racing venue.


6. Once you've taken left at Rajanakunte for about 750 m - 1km and you
    should be able to see the starting point of the race set up by the volunteer's.


- These are main turning points you need to aware of

1. Once you reach here, you'll see that the volunteer's would have set the starting point, assemble there with your bike and wait for their instructions.

2. At approx. 7.8 km's, TURN LEFT onto a road with a sign marked “Nandini Sperm Station”
& pass through the gates.P1030413.JPG


3. At 13.7 km you will exit the large campus you have been riding through, keep going straight.

4. At approx. 15.5 km you'll see a big banner thats when you'' be joining another road, TURN RIGHT. Keep going on this road, you will ride a bit through Hessargatta town, but will get through it very quick.



5. At approx 19.75 km you will see a Granite Temple ahead of you on the left, and a road going off to the right, TURN RIGHT. (Mid Aid Station just before/after this junction)


6. At approx 20.7 km there is a road going off to the right, KEEP STRAIGHT, DO NOT TURN RIGHT. the road surface is not so great here, there a 6 bumpy kms after which it is blissful again.

7. At approx 28 km, you'll see a purplish-greenish house to your left you will join a main road, TURN LEFT.


8. At approx 29 km you will reach a T junction with a small circle, TAKE A U-TURN AROUND THE CIRCLE ( tree ) and head back. You will now stay on this main road, no turns all the way to the finish line for about 15 km.


9. At 45 km you are the winner if you get there first !!!!!

You can view the alternatively see the pic's & the description at this link also :

All the best to everyone racing tomo...hope you've a wonderful ride :-)

buzz: 9980591000

Hemant Soreng

Sep 20, 2009, 12:58:01 PM9/20/09
Awesome route !!
Whoever all were involved in discovering and eventually organizing,
Thank you.

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