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Ali Poonawala

May 1, 2024, 10:44:59 AMMay 1
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar, Suma Arun
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School, Saturday 27th April 2024
Sadashivnagar session
Trainers : 5 Vinod, Arunabha Roy, Raghav, Yashaswini & Suma
Newbies : 3
Shreya - Newbie- picked up scooting n body balance was good. She managed uphill comfortably . Needs to reduce her pace on a flat road.
Nandan - 11 yr old- Newbie- Follows instructions perfectly. Managed to scoot a bit . Will need a couple more sessions .
Advik - 6 yr old. Came in late. Couldn’t get much riding time but a confident young chap .
Seniors: 4
Guhan - Fourth session n still trying to scoot… needs to overcome fear.
Neenu - Ongoing- Was able to learn scooting well. Body balance is good . Will need more practice .
Jovia - The kiddo started riding comfortably today .. she’s ready for her own bike now.
Janaki - Fourth Session n continued to scoot . Will need more practice
Thank you Vinod , Yashaswini, Arunabha Roy n Raghav, for volunteering today .
Lead trainer
BBS Sadashivnagar 
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Ali Poonawala

May 1, 2024, 12:26:46 PMMay 1
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends.

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 28 Apr 2024
Started the Session late with the restriction for the TCS Marathon, Below is a concise report :
Trainers: 3
Harry, Janet n Junaid,
Hello : 'Go Green' Prabhakar Rao and Krishna
Newbies and Ongoing
Shreya: was the first to come, and was riding confidently and also got a rental cycle
and was practicing like no tomorrow !
Nidhi T S: was doing well and getting confident taking turns, needs more practice
JanakiBai: -Was waiting for a long time for a free cycle

Rekha: would need to practice scooting

Soumya Sharma: Did well today and was able to balance, would need more practice.
Dr Suvernee: was confident with her own cycle and will have to practice more.
Khushboo Gupta: was very good and was able to balance with ease.
Meera mahendran: Would need more practice scooting
Niyati: Would need more practice scooting

Syed Ibaad Ahmed will require smaller cycle and need to start scooting in next class
Syed Imaad Ahmed, younger sib too will require smaller cycle and need to start scooting in next class
Yashica K Was doing well and would need to practice balancing.
Keep Pedalling !
Till next weekend
Junaid / Harry / Janet
BBS Cubbon Park
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