Teaching adults how to cycle Cubbon Park session 5th May 2024

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Ali Poonawala

May 8, 2024, 12:05:52 PMMay 8
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Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 5 May 2024
Doctors day today, with a record 9 doctors (learners, parents,and trainers). Quite a lot of younger newbies and some adult ongoing learners. Another blazingly hot day.
Trainers: Ali, Parag, Junaid, Prasanna
Volunteer : Purvi
Newbies : 7
Amayra- The 8 year old girl took a bit of time to get the saddle height adjusted , after that was able to do static balancing and started with scooting.
Dhivi - Came with mom, dad and cute little brother Buvi.. Managed to understand basics and learning to scoot..
Kiran- Came with hubby Bhimsingh ,from Uttarakhand, working in Rajbhavan. Starting to scoot.
Dr Suvernee - Knows how to ride, but struggled with the posture, handling turns and braking. Did some drills and she was comfortably riding and turning by the end of the session,Braking without jumping off the saddle is next lesson. should be ready for turning and signaling next-gen week.
Vikhyaat- Dr Roopas son, struggled a bit with balancing, but after doing some static balancing drills and scootig, he also managed to get to pedaling.
Vikshana- Dr Roopas daughter, After a bit of a hesitant start, got off to scooting, and then managed to ride independently downhill and also uphill.
Vignesh- A newbie who had never learnt cycling before, zoomed through all the steps in couple of up down trips and was star of the day !
Seniors: 10
Akshaya : Balancing well...needs to move to circles and figure of 8.
Atharva- This little champ is balancing OK ..needs more concentration
Khushboo- Balance is good, and is able to scoot downhill,also able to ride but tends to drop the right shoulder, this needs correction.
Guhan - Came with his own bike, Smart learner practiced scooting dowhill, trying to ride,still not confident about letting the balance happen.
Kavan- Guhan's mon, is now able to comfortably ride. Tried her handle bar control with circles
Rekha- Very determined, helped with getting cycle to and fro teaching area but gets tired. Very sincerely practiced scooting. It will be wonderful when she cracks it..pretty soon I hope !🤞
Niteesh - First Timer and did well with balancing, would require practicing in the next session
Dhriti- Star of the day practiced scooting and positioning.needs more practice to build confidence.
Soumya- Finally cracked scooting with almost perfect scoot today. Ready to try pedaling next week.
Yashica K was practicing and doing well in her control
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Ali / Junaid / Prasanna 
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