Teaching adults how to cycle: Cubbon Park session, 24th March 2023

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Ali Poonawala

Mar 24, 2024, 8:18:33 PMMar 24
to Sharath Chandar, GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club)
Hi friends .. 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 24 Mar 2024
For second consecutive weekend ...No traffic restriction, open access at Venkatappa Art Gallery gate !!
hank Goodness for continuing mercies 😄
Trainers: Naga Prakash, Ali,Parag
Volunteer : Sadiq,Sahasra
Newbies :
Fathima Hina- Youngest learner of the day, arrived with a brand new bicycle
it is a little big and a bit heavy for her, finding dificult to support and mount/ dismount and even scoot,
because only toes can touch.If comes regularly, she will crack balancing in couple more sessions
Malashree- Started slowly with static balancing and progressed to scooting downhill comfortably, but struggled a bit going uphill. Should be ready for half pedal uphill and one leg scooting downhill next week.
Somalagna- The Lawyer wants to learn to ride so she can do a Europe trip that includes cycling. She started quickly with static balancing, and then to scooting and spent the full two hours in learning. Has a bit of a left leaning tendency that causes her to put her foot down when scooting with one leg Once she cracks hat, she should be able to try pedaling.
Tasqeen : A walk in newbie, came with her brother. Progressing well with her scooting..good start !
Arjith : came with only dad accompanying this time with his own cycle, and continued scooting
with help of Praveen, his dad. He was generous to share his cycle with little Hina Fathima,
who then went back to her own bike,determined to conquer the tough one !
Danvin : turned up with mom Neelima, and both grandparents , rides well, but has trouble stopping,
refusing to pay attention to brakes ! Kept throwing foldie on the ground and walking off ...
instead of braking !☹️ Tried dong circle and slow ride along with friend walking...let us see !
Joy : This is Joy's third class. He was very enthusiastic to learn. started off with scooting
and he got to it in 30 mins. Later started to train him pedaling and with in no time he was able pedal.
It's a great progress and he was very happy about pedaling on own.
Neelima : Dhanvin's mom, continued with the scooting and started with half pedaling.
She is very determined and sincere
Smitha - Scoots comfortably now and is enjoying it. Able to scoot wth one leg also, but is struggling with pedalong more than a few meters, and tends to keep the foot down too soon.
Shashwat- Came and prcticed riding on a straight line, he still has a shoulder lurch.
Siddu: Turned up after weeks. More to say hello than to learn !
Till next weekend
Keep Pedalling !
Parag / Naga Prakash / Ali
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