Teaching adults how to cycle : Cubbon Park session on 26th May 2024

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Ali Poonawala

May 29, 2024, 12:46:25 PMMay 29
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar
Hi friends 

Bangalore Bicycling School,
Cubbon Park Sunday 19th May 2024
Quiet day today, with very few learners, amd few kids in the park overall, with schools reopening soon. Cool and breezy day again, with a few sprinkles of rain at the beginnning.
Trainers: Ali, Prasanna,Junaid,Parag (Went walking with friends taking advantage of low turnout)
Newbies : 4
Pranati- Managed to ride downhill, but struggled on the uphill.Prnithi - first timer was able to balance
would need to pracitce and work on the posture, tends to sway
Shanthi - Knows how to cycle , but is a bit rusty, practiced a bit.
Spruha : Got her cycle but chain slipped.. managed scooting for few micro seconds with both feet up.. Dad promised a spruced up cycle for next weekend.🤞
Rukmani : Came with ?Vijay, had tried in childhood but did not pursue . Was star of the day, managing quickly to grasp scooting and started pedalling uphill too in her first session...
Seniors: 7
Ayan: Came with his mom, and is now nearly done with riding basics, still needs to work on safety.
Diwakar - Good progres, in reducing the lurch
Khushboo- Fixed her shoulder dropping tendency, and managed to do circles, struggled a bit with tight circles.
Priyanka- Braking and handle bar control needs to get better
Pankaja- Came after a long break. Managed to ride but has some lurch with room to improve handle bar control
Vignesh- Pedaling properly and did better on circles and zig zags.
Vinay- Continued with turns and will be ready to move to signaling.
Till next weekend
Keep pedalling!🚴
Parag / Ali /Junaid / Prasanna
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