Teaching adults how to cycle: BBS Sadashivnagar session 1st June 2024

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Ali Poonawala

Jun 3, 2024, 8:05:10 AMJun 3
to GGI-Club (Go Green Initiator's Club), Sharath Chandar, Suma Arun
Hi friends..

Bangalore Bicycling School, Saturday 1st June 2024
Sadashivnagar session
Trainers- 2 Junaid and Suma Arun
Trainees- 8
1.Mevina -Ongoing
Mevina is still a bit apprehensive about pedaling without support. Her cautious approach shows her awareness and desire to master the basics before moving forward. With continued encouragement and practice, we are confident she will soon pedal independently.
2. Shwetha- Ongoing
Shwetha's body balancing and riding skills have shown significant improvement. She has now mastered taking turns, demonstrating increased control and confidence on her bicycle
3. Anish- Ongoing
Anish was unable to get much riding time during this session due to a shortage of trainers and his need to assist his daughter, Mevina. We aim to provide him with more focused training in future sessions to ensure his progress.
4.Aryana- Newbie
Aryana, a new addition to our cycling group, has quickly learned to balance and scoot. Her enthusiasm and rapid progress suggest she will soon be riding confidently.
5. Nilin - Newbie
Nilin, Aryana’s mom, rekindled her childhood memories of riding a bicycle. She quickly picked up where she left off, adding a touch of nostalgia and joy to our session.
6. Spruha- Newbie
Spruha, an 8-year-old cyclist, initially brought her own bicycle and was hesitant to change. After trying a slightly bigger cycle, she preferred it and refused to go back to her original one, showing adaptability and a keen interest in improving her skills.
7. Janaki - Ongoing
Janaki is progressing slowly but steadily, focusing on scooting for now. Her persistence and patience are commendable, and with time, she will gain more confidence and skill.
8. Rukmini- Ongoing-
She was able to balance n ride well by the end of the session. Needs to wear shoes for the next session .
This cycling session was filled with noteworthy progress . Each participant, from complete beginners to those rekindling old skills, displayed dedication and a passion for learning. We look forward to seeing even greater achievements and more confident riders in the upcoming sessions.
Keep pedaling and enjoy the ride!
Lead trainer
BBS Sadashivnagar 
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