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Bandung Fe Institute

Apr 13, 2008, 7:09:33 PM4/13/08
to Bandung Fe Institute NEWSLETTER
April 14th 2008

01. New Book for Indonesian Readers: "Complex Indonesian Outlook 2008"
02. A Complex Concept of Indonesian Silaturahmi
03. BuletinBFI has now available online for Indonesian Readers
04. Book Available: Indonesian Introduction to Econophysics


01. "Complex Indonesian Outlook 2008" is available for Indonesian

New Book on Indonesian Complexity is now available in local book
stores! The book entitled "SOLUSI UNTUK INDONESIA" is a book for
Indonesian readers presenting a perspective on complexity while
observing and comprehending Indonesia. The book compiles research
conjectures while proposing a new perspective for Indonesians while
sees their own country in a great expectation gives an enrichment for
the development of social sciences for the betterment of the country
and the whole humanity.

In the book the proposal for new "Wawasan Nusantara" (the way
Indonesian look at Indonesia) is presented. The age of complexity
should have changed the way we look and observe in order to be able to
have alternative solutions for the betterment. The book is now
available in your local (Indonesian) book stores, or you might want to
contact the publisher to have one (c.p.Yohanis: +62 21 70227545 for
rapid service) or just contact us.

If you speak Indonesian, you might want to see the glance view of the
book contents in the following URL:

02. A Complex Concept of Indonesian Silaturahmi
The paper has been published introducing the organization concept of
silaturahmi that widely used as an important concept to maintain a lot
of community structures in Indonesia. One of the organization is
alumni forum where alumni gathers and establishes an institutional
organization. The concept of silaturahmi is demonstrated to build a
network among alumni that has been spread world‐wide by observing the
clustered gathered in social clusters. The paper reports the small
world topology emerged and discusses some interesting conjectures
regarding to social institutions that is made upon the concept of

You might want to download the paper in the following URL, but you
must be a registered user to be able to download it:

To register for free, visit:

03. BuletinBFI has now available online for Indonesian Readers
The BuletinBFI introduces ECONOPHYSICS for Indonesian-speakers are now
available online for free. The articles are written by the institute
researchers while there was also invited articles written by
sociophycists, Diettrich Stauffer. There were also two interviews with
econophysicist, Marcel Ausloos (Liege University) and the author of
the International Best Selling Book, Steven Keen. Ausloos was asked to
share his visions about how Indonesian could use econophysics to view
the unique (empirical) economic phenomena while Keen talked about how
complex economics may help shape the better policy-making in
Indonesian economic living.

You can download the articles in the URL:

However, you must also be a registered user to be able to download
You may register here for free:

04. Book Available: Indonesian Introduction to Econophysics
A book written by BFI scholars to introduce econophysics for
Indonesian readers has been published in the last year and it has been
circulated in national major book stores. However, we have heard some
difficulties to obtain the book. The book is now available by ordering
the book directly to BFI administrative office in Bandung or Surya
Research International office in Jakarta.

Interested readers may contact:

Yohanis Kwee
Surya Research International
Ruko Cyberpark
Jalan Boulevard Gajah Mada no. 2152
Lippo Karawaci
Tangerang 15811 - Banten
ph. +62 21 5512584
mobile. +62 818144552

BFI Administration
Bandung Fe Institute
Sarijadi Blok 5 No. 151
Bandung 40151
ph./fax: +62 22 2018232

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