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Oct 19, 2014, 11:55:16 PM10/19/14


October 20th 2014



1. Today is 12th years of research of Bandung Fe Institute

2. Notes from the President of the Instute on the 12 years of research in the institute

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1. Today is 12th years of research of Bandung Fe Institute

October 20th is a special day in the institute when the civitas remember the first day of the establishment of the institute 12 years ago. Here is some notes from the president of the institute.



2. Notes from the President of the Institute on the 12 years of research in the institute

Dear friends, colleagues, partners, and supporters, competitors,

It ‘s the same day with today, when 12 years ago, the institute is formally declared to be committed with social complexity research in Indonesia for the first time. It has been quite a long journey of research we have until today, be it hard and easy, heavy and fun moments, people come and go, and the research is going on all the way. All the ways making the research process delivered within the institute is in the similar complexity states with the subjects of the research.


12 years have been quite a time to see the changes in our society. We are now in the time to see the time where people are more and more appreciate the data we produce every day in the age of social media and digital era. The time where some people call it the big data era. We are happy become the part of the generation seeing this; where methods are sharpen through information sciences, econophysics, social physics, and the emerging fast and powerful computational devices. Even today, Indonesians are in the cheering moments of the inauguration of the democratically new elected president. The elected president where social media and digital ways play a very crucial roles within the process.


12 years have been quite long enough to see how the institute has celebrated newcomers from the long internships until the welcoming of new researchers; while there are also times when we must nod our heads in letting go some friends choosing pathways outside the institute. It’s not a secret among the academia, that it is never easy to deliver scientific research in the country like Indonesia, and moreover the research with such a “new” topic like social complexity. The institute is indebted to friends and supporters share their times, words, prayers, and sometimes donations to the research projects we have all these years.


12 years have been quite long enough to be finally become the part of big family of research fellows in the first research university ever there in Indonesia, the Surya University, in which the institute is the research center for complexity studies. We are delighted to the vast possibilities of research collaborations and hand in hand contribution to the humanity and the country in the spirit of celebration of modern science.


12 years have been quite long enough to walk hand in hand with INVASA, the representation of the institute in the capitol all through the recent couple of years. With Invasa the institute gains the opportunities to many cooperation, service, and even products based on the research delivered within the institute. Invasa, whatsoever, makes our sciences sound even harder in the spirit of sharpening the public policies through scientific endeavors. Science is a beauty, and it will become the princess to the heart of the people, as soon as the people can feel the advantage within the civilizations when science can contribute its usefulness. With colleagues in Invasa, we are now in the middle of many research projects serving our government, as well as some private sectors in the country.


12 years have been quite a time to finally celebrate the Sobat Budaya Foundation, the youth communities throughout the archipelago hand in hand in the great collaboration establishing our Open and Digital Cultural Library of Indonesia in the We are very delighted with the progress we have this year, that the spirit of documenting, archiving, and digital submissions are now in the hands of many good people. All together for the celebration of Indonesia vast cultural diversity from north to south, from the east to west. Sciences and arts are altogether become the primary compound of our culture, and those made us become the civilized creatures on the planet.


12 years have been quite a time on having so many ups and downs of research progress. However, 12 years are also just a small time interval to give what our civilizations expect from scientific inquiries. To day we remember the time when all of these were begun in the first time, and at the same time, we put our heads up looking for the more exciting moments of scientific works and projects. Time may change, as we are all changing, getting older and become more and more mature, but It has been always the same motivation to bring science to the betterment of our social lives, humanity, as well as the country.


Happy celebration!

On behalf of all researchers and staffs in the institute, I cannot thank you all more!


Hokky Situngkir

President of Bandung Fe Institute



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