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Aug 1, 2010, 8:00:10 PM8/1/10
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Augustu 2nd 2010

01. Celebrating Generative Music: phyMuse at BFI
02. The Economics of Envy
03. Researchers play on music and their first album!
04. BFI is now available in Facebook and Twitter!

01. Celebrating Generative Music: phyMuse at BFI
It's the nature of complexity research that you are explaining nothing
without growing the structure of the phenomena. while traditional
music has been a focus research in the institute since they were
collected in 2006. phyMuse is a portal of any generated music that has
been made along the research: generating for understanding of
inspiration within melodic expressions. The portal is in

After the launch of musiQu: the generative music album, the
generations of music based on Indonesian traditional music landscape
have been going on and on. The motivation to build the portal is to
display selected generations. In the web phyMuse at selected
generated songs are featured for public use and enjoyment of the
computational era of music. In the website, some frequently asked
questions are also posted along with progress achieved in the research
program. Feel free to browse the website, enjoy, share, and use the
music at the website.

02. The Economics of Envy
Psychological states side by side with the bounded rational
expectations among social agents contributes to the pattern of
consumptions in economic system. One of the psychological states are
the envy – a tendency to emulate any gaps with other agents’
properties. A paper related to the evolutionary game theoretic works
on conspicuous consumption are available now, viewing from the micro-
view of economic agency in lattice-based populations, the landscape of
consumptions. The emerged macro-view of multiple equilibria is shown
in computational simulative demonstrations altogether with the spatial
clustered agents based upon the emerged agents’ economic profiles.

The research report related to this application is available online
now in:

03. Researchers play on music and their first album!
Do not ever think that researchers are serious creatures without sense
of aesthetics at all. The research on the potentials embedded in the
diversity of Indonesian traditional songs begun has accomplished a
fascinating results. The innovation is named the Physics of Music. The
"Physics of Music" grows musical intelligence computationally to
generate songs autonomously. This accomplishment is regarded to be,
the world pioneering work on generative music based on the varsities
of traditional songs. The research is brought by mapping of the
traditional songs found in Indonesian archipelago (as collected in
Indonesian Cultural Heritages Digital Library,
The research thanks participation of public submitting and
contributing data at the portal.

The preliminary version of the "Physics of Music" is officially
launched for the first time in Indonesian Creative Products Week July,
23-27, 2010. Thus, research also thanks Research & Technology Ministry
of the Republic of Indonesia for helping the diffusion of the results.

The researchers in the institute has compiled their first generative
album with the name "MUSIQUE", the musical album of which discography
are songs generated by incorporating computational process of the
Physics of Music. Please enjoy and feel free to download and share...

03. BFI is now available in Facebook and Twitter!
You can now be able to access and instantly receive any updates of
research by joining/liking the institute's official Facebook page at:


Feel free to receive interesting research results from status updates
as super-short summary from research finding conducted in the
institute. For your mobile convenience, you might also want to join
the institute official's twitter updates by following:


You can also post any of your interest or comment at the page above.
Feel free to follow us, and let us make it our better place and social

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