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May 23, 2009, 6:33:54 PM5/23/09
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May 24th 009

01. An Indonesian Book on the PHYSICS of BATIK is now available
02. Evaluation to Indonesian Regional Elections 2004-2009
03. The Indonesian book "Complex Indonesian Outlook" is still

01. An Indonesian Book on the PHYSICS of BATIK is now available
Batik is one of Indonesian valuable traditional heritage holding great
deal of wisdom which is rooted substantially in its ornamentation and
harmonization, from its making process to the way people appreciate
it. It has been embedded and an inseparable fabric in the social and
cultural living of the people in Indonesia Archipelago.

While Batik is highly related to the traditional elements, physics is
science mostly associated to mathematical formulation and modern
technology. Both seem to be unrelated one another. Yet, researchers in
the institute has shown that physics can also be utilized to reveal
the unseen beauty of the traditional fabric. Even further, from the
research developed, it becomes possible to create new designs by
incorporating computational applications.

This is the main issue brought by the book written by BFI researchers
supervised by physicist, Yohanes Surya. The book is written and
published in Indonesian with popular science style. The book is begun
with an interface between batik and science philosophically written by
the Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (Ngayogyakarta Royal Highness), as the
cultural leader of Javanese modern Mataram in Jogjakarta, in which
batik mostly is closely attached to.

The book is now available in Gramedia Book Store throughout Indonesia
for Indonesian readers.

02. Evaluation to Indonesian Regional Elections 2004-2009
Another entry to the working paper series of the institute has been
published. This is related to the political system of the nation and
could be actual for Indonesian is now celebrating the General Election
2009. A lot of changing in recent Indonesian political dynamics with
eventual fact shows how political recruitment for legislative and
executive chairs in national as well as regional levels in direct
voting systems have brought the patterns of coalitions among political
parties into interesting focus of observation.

The paper evaluates the Regional Elections data held since June 2005
to September 2008 as election matrix. The matrix is then transformed
into the ultrametric space yielding the hierarchical trees based on
proximity on inter-party coalition. It is shown that the distance of
coalitions among political parties based on the activity in regional
elections and contrasting the findings with some nation-wide facts of
the respective properties. The observations draws how Indonesian
voters are failed to be segregated into any extreme political and
ideological streams but the combination among the existing and widely-
recognized ones.

The paper is written in English for free in the institute's website.
You should be a registered visitor to download the full text. The
paper is downloadable in:

03. The Indonesian book "Complex Indonesian Outlook" is still
The Book on Indonesian Complexity is still available in local book
stores in all Indonesian region! The book entitled "SOLUSI UNTUK
INDONESIA" is a book for Indonesian readers presenting a perspective
on complexity while observing and comprehending Indonesia. The book
compiles research conjectures while proposing a new perspective for
Indonesians while sees their own country in a great expectation gives
an enrichment for the development of social sciences for the
betterment of the country and the whole humanity.

In the book the proposal for new "Wawasan Nusantara" (the way
Indonesian look at Indonesia) is presented. The age of complexity
should have changed the way we look and observe in order to be able to
have alternative solutions for the betterment. The book is now
available in your local (Indonesian) book stores, or you might want to
contact the publisher to have one (c.p.Yohanis: +62 21 70227545 for
rapid service) or just contact us.

If you speak Indonesian, you might want to see the glance view of the
book contents in the following URL:

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