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Dec 30, 2014, 10:33:15 PM12/30/14
December 31st 2014



1. New Year Notes from the President of the Instute
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1. New Year Notes from the President of the Instute

Dear Friends, Supporters, Colleagues, and Competitors,
We are in the moment where time has come to put that 2014 calendar down, and change it to the new 2015 one. Some old saying tells us that yesterday is good, today is better, but tomorrow is the best; and we call today as present because what we have until today is a good present, things that are going to be advantageous to face the incoming future. The change of calendar is a cultural and administrative annual routine that will become a special moment with those with reflections from the past and great expectation in the future. This is unexceptionally has a good meaning in the daily routine of the life of research as we have in the institute along the fascinating year in 2014.

About a couple of months ago, the institute has gathered friends, colleagues and supporters for the remembrance of the 12th years of research in the institute. It was definitely not a short years of time. We have been crawled through methods, data, discussions, and even social activities in order to sharpen the public policy making with scientific endeavors through the time. Researchers come and go through the institute, and even more exciting thing was that we have established some institutions supporting the important works for betterment and wider impacts. Our colleagues in our representatives in Jakarta, the Invasa, participants in Indonesian Archipelago Cultural Initiatives maintaining the important online database of Indonesian Cultural Heritages, designs celebrating the creativity in economy from friends in acroBatik, all along with our collaborations as the Center for Complexity Studies in our beloved campus, Surya University.

The year 2014 has been so interesting that in the year we have celebrated the Sobat Budaya Community, a newcomer in our scientific-endeavor-loving club in the institute. We congratulate our friend, Erlan Rinaldi, the Chairman of national committee of Sobat Budaya. His rapid works with us has delivered a fresh air to our initiatives on building the complete database of Indonesian traditional cultural heritage since the medio of the year. Until this note is written, we have already been together with excited supporters from more than thirty places all over the archipelago. The next year ahead should be expected to be the year of the Indonesian Cultural Heritage Data. Altogether we are going along with research and social activities for the creativity and innovation-based economy through our cultural diversity, as well as the more comprehension on how we might have evolved culturally.

Diversity is collective power! And the existence of Sobat Budaya Community in Indonesia would be a big time for that. Even in the current holiday’s seasons, some of our community members are being in the areas, expediting for the sake of documentation and data-gathering. We cannot conceal our excitement.

The year of 2014 has also been so interesting that in the year the institute has also been together with friends from the Bandung Smart City Council, especially within the Smart-Environment Project. A lot of homework due to applications of research ahead in the incoming new year. The excitement is even more to come in our initiatives work with the Center for Music Development of the Surya University, along with other research centers in the campus, like Center for Young Scientists, and more. Even our initiative collaborations with the Lembaga Pendidikan Seni Nusantara for building the comprehensive information technology architecture for the national cultural data archives is there to come in the incoming year. The year of 2015 is waiting to be the witness of more progress to come within our research. 

The year 2014 has given Indonesian people a great expectation as the newly elected government has been there “change” and “work” as the theme. The incoming 2015 is hopefully more and more excited in the nature of research in the country. More and more policies are made by the comprehension on complex data analysis, public participation and activities through the social media, and more to come, as science and technology has made things previously un-imaginable become things should be done!

As advanced science and technology cannot be distinguishable with magic, let us make more “magic” in the year ahead. Let us make scientific recognition of complexity and the importance of interdisciplinary works shape the incoming 2015 be more delightful, pleasurable, and beautiful!
Welcome 2015!

Hokky Situngkir
President of Bandung Fe Institute, the Center for Complexity Studies Surya University


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