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Jun 21, 2010, 3:40:16 AM6/21/10
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June 21st 2010

01. BFI in Indonesian Creative Product Week 2010
02. Physics of Music: Exploitation of Memetics for Melodic Sequences
03. BFI is now available in Facebook and Twitter!

01. BFI in Indonesian Creative Product Week 2010
With yearly theme "Exploration of Nusantara CUlture through the
varsities of Youth's Creativity in waking of Indonesian Creative
Economics", BFI participates in the Indonesian Creative Product Week
(Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia, PPKI) 2010 held in Jakarta Convention
Center (JCC) from June 23rd to 27th, 2010, everyday from 9.00 a.m to
8.00 p.m. The BFI booth is located in the Main Hall of the JCC
presenting research apparatus in the exploration throughout the
complexity of highly diverse cultures in Indonesian Archipelago.

BFI booth also presents the acroBatik as the fashion 2.0 by
implementation of Physics of Batik. Along in the booth also some
proxies from the participative cultural data collection by the
Indonesian Archipelago Cultural Initiatives. In summary the booth will
performs some demonstrations related to:

1. research result on Physics of Batik and the Phylomemetic Tree of
Indonesian Batik.
2. creative products related to the work of acroBatik supported by the
3. research on melody generative as covered in the research of Physics
of Music.
4. usage of Social Complexity Disc (SCD)
5. other social complexity research apparatus covered in the insitute
throughtout the research year.

While you are in Jakarta, Indonesia, you are welcomed to see and
interact with BFI researchers and enjoy the institute's presentation
as well as other interesting creative demonstrations in other booths.
Have fun and see you at the site...

02. Physics of Music: Exploitation of Memetics for Melodic Sequences
Music, or in narrower sense, melodic contours of the aesthetically
arranged pitches and the respective durations attracts our cognition
since the beginning and now shaping the way we think in the complex
life of culture. From evolutionary school of thoughts we could learn
our perspective of seeing the musical diversity of folk songs in
Indonesian archipelago by hypothesizing the aligning memes throughout
the data sets. By regarding the memeplexes constructed from the the
Zipf-Mandelbrot Law in melodic sequences and some mathematical
characteristics of songs e.g.: gyration and spiraling effect, we
construct evolutionary steps i.e.: genetic algorithm as tools for
generating melodic sequences as an alternating computational methods
to model the cognitive processes creating songs. While we build a
melodic-contour generator, we present the enrichment on seeing the
roles of limitless landscape of creativity and innovation guided by
particular inspirations in the creation of work of art in general.

A research report related to this application is available online now

03. BFI is now available in Facebook and Twitter!
You can now be able to access and instantly receive any updates of
research by joining/liking the institute's official Facebook page at:


Feel free to receive interesting research results from status updates
as super-short summary from research finding conducted in the
institute. For your mobile convenience, you might also want to join
the institute official's twitter updates by following:


You can also post any of your interest or comment at the page above.
Feel free to follow us, and let us make it our better place and social

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