A question about ZIP password recovery please

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Virtua Fashion

Mar 14, 2023, 7:57:35 PMMar 14
to Bandizip for Windows forum
Hello, just a simple question,

i may need a tip or two if possible.
I have the paid pro version of Bandizip.

I sometimes need the ZIP recovery feature.
I would like to know if Bandizip can manage passwords set in Japanese, chinese or Korean ?

If not, can you add this feature?
If yes, can you briefly explain if there is something special i should do ?
For instance, do you advise to use the 'advanced' feature and set a lit of japanese symbols to deal with ?

Does it handles passwords set with chinese characters (pinyin (chinese), Kanji (japanese) and Hanja (korean).

Thank you very much for your help and support.

seyo IM

Mar 14, 2023, 8:41:04 PMMar 14
to Bandizip for Windows forum
Hello, this is Bandisoft.

If you use a password containing non-Latin characters (like Chinese characters) to encrypt a ZIP archive, other users cannot decrypt the ZIP archive on an OS in a language which does not use such characters. To avoid this problem, Bandizip does not allow you to use non-Latin passwords for ZIP archives. You can use such passwords if you archive files in the 7Z format instead, but please note that the password recovery by Bandizip still can only process digits, lowercase and uppercase Latin alphabets, special characters, and blank spaces.

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