Issues Modifying Zip Files within another Zip File

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Richard Harris

May 7, 2021, 2:32:16 PMMay 7
to Bandizip for macOS

I have a .zip file ("") that contains, among other files, another .zip file (""). If I open in Bandizip, and then also open, I can add additional files to I then close, leaving still open within Bandizip. However, never updates, no matter what I try. Meaning that next time I open, the version of within is unchanged and does not contain the additional files I added in the prior steps.

How can I edit .zip files where one .zip file is stored within another .zip file, without needed to extract and re-compress the file every time I need to modify it? When I used to use Winzip, it detected that had changed, and offered to update for me.

Richard Harris

May 7, 2021, 3:14:03 PMMay 7
to Bandizip for macOS
Two points to add:
  1. Using Bandizip for Mac (Big Sur).
  2. The feature to automatically detect changes to files in Zip archives also does not seem to work, on a Mac at least: Even without embedding .zip files, bandizip does not detect changes to a file and does not offer to apply the changed file to the archive. This may be why it does detect changes in my embedded .zip file. For example:
    • contains file test.txt.
    • Open and double-click test.txt.
    • Edit file in TextEdit, save file, close TextEdit. Version of test.txt in the temp directory updates to reflect changes.
    • Bandizip does not detect that test.txt had changed, nor offer to update with changed file. Closing also does not cause warning to appear.

KH Kim

May 9, 2021, 9:53:16 PMMay 9
to Richard Harris, Bandizip for macOS
Hello, this is Bandisoft.

Apps distributed on the App Store have restrictions for security reasons, and the function is not implemented due to these restrictions.

Due to the differences between operating systems, the macOS version does not have all functions the same as the Windows version.

Therefore, the features about the macOS version are displayed in the category of "Bandizip (Mac)".

However, we are still searching for other ways to implement that feature.

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards,

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