CrossTweak - Wallace Toolbox's little brother for non-rooted and restricted KaiOS devices

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Nov 4, 2021, 4:26:25 PM11/4/21
Hi folks,

So, some of you might find it inconvenient to have to fiddle around to remove the engmode-extension permission just to install WT to enable call recording, for instance. This is why I put together the CrossTweak utility that only combines the tricks accessible via MozSettings, MozActivity and MozPower APIs and thus works across all devices (hence the name).

Fetch it from this repo:

So, what can it do? The interface is the same as WT but it has 10 functions instead of 15 (copying from the README, see it for more info):

  • 1: Set a ringtone from arbitrary file (all sources are supported)
  • 2: Set a notification tone from arbitrary file (all sources are supported)
  • 3: Toggle call recording mode (manual/auto/off), works on KaiOS 2.5.2+
  • 4: Attempt to install an application package (OmniSD/GerdaPkg compatible, doesn't work on KaiOS 2.5.3+)
  • 5: Enable developer menu in settings (limited option set is opened by default)
  • 6: Enter the hidden engineering menu (useful on devices where *#testbox# code doesn't work)
  • 7: Toggle browser proxy on/off
  • 8: Set browser proxy host and port
  • 9: View or modify any system setting accessible via MozSettings interface by entering its name (boolean values are automatically converted)
  • #: Attempt to run privileged factory reset (on KaiOS, it will most probably run usual reset instead)

    I hope this util will simplify the life for those who just want to extend the features a bit without having to heavily hack their devices.

    Have fun!
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Nov 5, 2021, 10:11:36 AM11/5/21
what device and OS version do you have?  note that that the package install does not work for KaiOS v2.5.3+ 

On Friday, November 5, 2021 at 7:28:47 AM UTC-4 wrote:
sir this error for app install please fix this error
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