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Jon Lesser

Jul 10, 2009, 1:49:45 PM7/10/09
to baltimore-hackerspace-planning
Hey Folks,

I whipped up a quick sketchup model of the Load of Fun space and
filled it with some stuff. The idea is to give everyone a general
feeling of how much stuff will fit into 700 square feet, not to fiat a
color for the bike shed. So let this be a jumping off point for your


There are 16 chairs in this configuration + couch space. There is lot
of additional space for shelves along the walls that I didn't put in.
We can move tables around for events or workshops. The mystery tool is
a big laser cutter, but that could be replaced by a small mill and a
belt sander in the same space. Just depends on what we can get and
what people want. Also, there is a door along the wall near where the
server rack is placed that goes to the neighboring gallery/lobby
space, bathrooms, and upstairs slop sink.

If we find other viable spaces, I can make quick models for those too.
This evening's visit to 1015 Hillen Street at 6:00pm looks promising.
Come by if you have the time.



Jon Lesser

Jul 10, 2009, 2:00:36 PM7/10/09
to baltimore-hackerspace-planning
ps. Attached is the floor plan I sent out a while ago to place the
potential Node space in context with the rest of the Load of Fun

Also you can download the sketchup model with this link if you want to
play around with it. Google Sketchup is a free download for win and



David Powell

Jul 10, 2009, 2:14:15 PM7/10/09
to baltimore-hacke...@googlegroups.com
What a great idea to have a virtual view of the space. I'm learning a
lot from you guys.
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