Happy International Balalaika Day from Barynya

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Mikhail Smirnov

Jun 23, 2010, 12:29:38 PM6/23/10
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Today is the official International Balalaika Day.

Exactly about a thousand years ago they started to balalaika in Russia.

The first mention of balalaika was on June 13th, 1688 in "Memory from Strelets Order to MaloRossia Department" or with current calendar it is JUNE 23RD.

Первое документальное упоминание о балалайке –“Память из Стрелецкого приказа в малороссийский приказ» - датируюется 13 июня 1688 года по старому календарю, а по новому современному  это как раз 23 июня. 

Today I would like to announce a new verb: "
to balalaika"

For example:
- Leonid, have you been balalaiking enough yesterday? 

- Yes, Alexey Vladimirovich, I have been balalaiking my contrabass all night long.

Happy balalaiking to all wealthy balalaika players, and my best wishes to those "wish-to-be-balalaiking"

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