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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 19:45:40
Subject: Two Questions

Dear Barynya Group:

Спосибо большое for all the regular information you send to me.  As I am now in Japan, I cannot attend/witness your basket-ful activities across the Pacific Ocean, but I always watch your lively movements showing wonderful variety of Russian culture well kept and nurtured in the United States. Now---I would appreciate it very much if any of your members can tell me on the following points--for the love of Russian songs.

One: The original lyrics in Russian of a song which became a fantastic popular number in the world, "le Galerien" sung by Yve Montand
Can anybody tell me the lyrics in Russian?  The song is known as adopted from the Russian romance/narodnaya pesnya depicting the miserable life of a galley prisoner-oarman.  Although the song is well known, I found it more than difficult to find the Russian version of the song on internet---blousing through on internet.
The reason for the difficulty lies in the fact that you cannot locate the lyrics because you do not know the First Line of A Verse.  For instance, the world famous number Stenka Rajin  is usually listed in a collection of Russian songs as "Вниз по матушке по Волге".   If I am told of just the first line of the song Le Galerien, it would be easy for me to locate the song in original Russian!!

Two: Fingering technique for button-type chromatic accordion
I have a rather old Russian accordion labeled Этюд, a three-line-button beginer-class accordion build in Leningrad (of course it should be called now as "Sankt Peterburg").  A member of the Moscow Nights says that the instrument built during the Soviet days is better in many respects.
I have long looked for a "good fingering technique" for  this accordion, but here in Japan there is almost no button-type accordion and nobody can tell me what!  Now I am interested in a 5-row FR-1b V-accordion (which I can play and listen by ear-phones at  night), and now the real time has come for me to learn--on a permanent basis--the real fingering method.  By the way, the Этюд is B-griff Bajan button arrangement.

May I look for your  kind information?   
Tak Takahashi

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