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Arvo Zylo

Sep 24, 2022, 5:38:44 PM9/24/22
In 2003, I snuck into Bachelor's Grove on the night of a full moon, on Friday the 13th, as a skeptic.  What I experienced was not just phenomena, but it eventually steered me in a direction of psychic ability, because I felt like every moment in time was overlapping at the same time when I sat in that cemetery in the moonlight.   

Arvo Zylo
Age 41
Psychic advisor (currently inactive)

On Sat, Sep 24, 2022, 12:08 PM <> wrote:
Isabel Alba <>: Sep 24 12:05PM -0700

Thank you to those of you who replied to my request! Those of you who still
want to participate, I am rounding out my project this weekend, so I'd need
your responses to my below Q & As by Sunday 4pm CST.
*For those that have kindly shared, would you be willing to share quote
(something perhaps memorable) about your experience with Bachelor's Grove
Cemetery? And if yes, would you share your full name, age, and profession?*
Feel free to share more demographic details if you so choose. Once again,
many thanks for your help!
Hi! My name is Isabel and I am a 9th grade Journalism student. I read about Bachelor's
Grove Cemetery
your site, particularly the paranormal activity, and found it very
I am doing a project for my class about this cemetery and was hoping you
might want to collaborate? Would you be willing to share your thoughts
with me for my article? I have a few questions; do you think you'd be able
to answer these for me? I'd love to be able to cite you as my source. Is
that okay with you? Following are my questions. Feel free to get back to me
before the 26th if that works. I am really looking forward to your insights!
1. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? When you think of the word
ghost, what visuals appear in your mind?
2. What is your definition of ghost? What does the term ghost mean to you?
3. What motivated you to write about this? Why do you believe this is
important for readers to acknowledge?
4. Has anything changed paranormally after writing this? Has something
changed with the area or the Cemetery itself?
5. Have you personally encountered any ghosts or paranormal activity? If
so, how would you describe the experience?
Thank you so much!
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