Re: Taliban Victory Parades: Entire Fleets Of US Armored Vehicles And Aircraft

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Sep 8, 2021, 7:58:24 PM9/8/21
"Míloch" wrote in message
> Recent MSM reports seem to be shilling for the Pentagon in hyping the
> false narrative that much of the abandoned US hardware was destroyed by US
> forces prior to the evacuation. To clarify, the tiny fraction of vehicles
> and aircraft made unserviceable is in reference to the few that were on
> HKIA during the evacuation from Kabul.
> The Taliban, in fact, are in control of thousands of fully functioning
> combat vehicles and aircraft, and they couldn't wait to flaunt them during
> victory celebration parades across Afghanistan. Some of the witness and
> participant videos, reportedly out of Kandahar, show long lines of MRAPs,
> Humvees, and Fox armored recon vehicles flying Taliban flags as UH-60
> Blackhawks, manned by Taliban pilots, buzz overhead.

Moloch must be absolutely crushed because he's not there to cheer it on...


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