Democrat shitholes: San Francisco, California

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Aug 20, 2021, 4:03:59 PM8/20/21
Seen in another NG:
Why is San Francisco such a shit hole?

Needles on the ground, junkies and crazy people rolling on the

Why is SF such a shit hole?

This is what happens when liberals are in charge.

Well son, take a seat as I tell you a story... Once upon a time
we had govt sponsored mental healthcare, including farms and
institutions where patients on the schizophrenic spectrum would
be treated, almost like those fancy European countries. But
then, you see, we needed more money to bomb innocent asian
people, so funds had to be diverged from Gov't sponsored
programs to the military industrial complex, who's sponsors made
a lot of money by binding contracts with the private arms
sector. We knew that this would be unpopular with the masses as
weed smoking hippies would make a commotion out of it, so we
called it "state sponsored community programs". This meant that
states got fed grants and could distribute it as they wished
for. But, unfortunately, mental health care was the last thing
on their mind as it wouldn't win new votes, so arguments were
made that the private sector should carry the burden. This was
called the "Deinstitutionalization movement," and resulted in
people who could afford expensive health insurance and private
care to be treated.

The lack of mental health centers (or mental institutions, as we
use to call it) has lead to many schizophrenic ppl be homeless
across the country. Further, liberal states like CA and NY has
invested more and more in soup kitchens and homeless shelters in
their urban areas. Conservative states generally restrict
funding for those programs and temporary hold "patients" in
local jails, as that will provide federal funding to said jail.
Once these "patients" are out, they send them to CA with a one-
way bus ticket, usually to LA and SF.
And as we don't have universal healthcare and poverty is on the
rise, we see this type of pattern more frequently.

Last point, drugs offer ppl on the schizo spectrum a temporary
relief from the constant noise in their heads, hence the high
usage and needles on the ground.
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