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Feb 16, 2021, 12:37:17 PMFeb 16
so, with my food delivery job, I've come across a few biryani restaurants.

At one of them, the counter guy gave me free leftovers at the end of the day because he said they throw them out anyway. But he doesn't work there anymore. Nobody else would do it.

Anyway, the biryani takeout plastic container has its meat, paneer cheese, or vegetables on the bottom and long basmanti rice on top with a hardboiled egg, all with hot indian spices. That is the only difference from putting everything separately on a plate, or putting the stuff over the rice instead of under.

They are about $10-15.

Some restaurants do it better than others, giving more or less better quality meat, like chicken. One place makes the chicken too bony so you have to spit it out.

Years ago a disgruntled Indian guy who I knew at Stanford complained about American fast food. The Indian women there would cook vegetarian from scratch, which would take several hours. Now we have an explosion of Indian junk food which seems to cater to the area's large Indian population, but they are generally priced a little higher than our general fast food restaurants. The restaurants seem to be run by males.

Again, my favorite restaurant right now which has both Indian and American is Tasty Subs and Pizza on Lawrence expy in Sunnyvale. They do not have biryani. They have subs, plates, and pizza with American and Indian style ingredients.


Apr 6, 2021, 1:36:46 AMApr 6
I got some biryani leftovers with the bony chicken, which I trashed, but the flavored rice was good. So I made a new dish - hot dog biryani. Chicken or turkey hotdogs. Reminds me of the old homeless days when I had to invent tortilla dogs.

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