Lower Stevens Creek Landslide

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Deborah Jamison

May 22, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/22/95
> Does anyone know if this part of the Stevens Creek Canyon Trail
> (landslide area) has been re-opened yet.

> I dont seem to see the signs anymore (although someone might
> have torn them down).

> Gary W. Mahan

Yesterday (May 20) I did a run from Rancho San Antonio, up the Black Mountain
Trail (sorry, no bikes :-) ), to the top of Black Mtn, then down Indian Creek
trail and all along the Canyon Trail and back down Stevens Cyn Road. Along
Canyon trail are about 4-5 mud puddles, no big deal, and then you have to
through the creek. About 1/2 mile above where the road ends is a major
area. There is a path which winds its way through the landslide. It's marked
at both ends with "Danger" signs but it's clear you are meant to proceed. I
glad I was on foot although a couple mountain bikers had preceded me so
they were able to navigate (probably walking unless they were very bold).
below that is about a 30 ft. section where the creek washes over the road,
but only
about 2 inches deep.

Further down on the road proper, about 1/2 mile above Redwood Gulch is the
where there was a huge landslide. Amazingly, this area is completely clear,
just some concrete barriers on the side to prevent anything sliding down the
from getting on the road. Further down still, maybe halfway between Mt. Eden
Redwood Gulch, is the area where there was a smaller landslide. Here, the
road is
also completely cleared, but the lane closest to the creek is completely
(i.e., it's a one-land road for about 20 feet). But the whole road is
passable, no problems whatsoever.

Steve Patt
Cupertino, CA (BADR...@aol.com)

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